Top 10 Freestyler Snowboard Tricks

If you are looking for a few nice snowboard tricks to achieve during this season, here is my favorite list.

– The Rodeo 540

Travis Rice reviewed this trick, but the explanation can vary a little from different Freestyler such as in the amateur video (see the link below).

Basically you should get high enough from the ramp and flip your crunched body, head backward looking in the direction you wish to take and spinning your legs and board in the mean time to finally reach the ground with a 540 rotation. I personally love this trick as it drives a real boost of adrenaline and having the head leading the whole body while down is a great feeling.


Two Full Spins which are easier to maneuver in half Pipes (according to me). The tip is to point your chest starting with the Head, arms then the whole body, the board will turn once and do the same the second time before you hit the snow. See the link at the bottom for the video.

– McTwist

This trick combine a backside 540 with a front flip while grabbing Mute. It's not as hard as it seems but you need to be comfortable with front flips landing the 540. The link for the video is at the bottom of the article.

– Stalefish

Once you are in the air, grab your deck with your rear hand onto the heel edge of the snowboard behind your back binding, make sure to bone your deck to add a little touch to your style and also take care of your front arm.

– Melon

A simple grab every beginner wishes to make and they can do it easily. It consists on putting the front hand behind the front leg, grabbing the heel side between the bindings and to take it to the next level, bone the front leg and rotate the wrist inwards.

– Method

Once you master the melon and have confidence in air then put your front hand on the heel edge of your deck while bending knees and extending the back leg to lead the base facing the direction of the jump. When you do it right your body should make a nice arch and keep the position as long as possible for the photographers.

– Slob Air

The next level grab trick as you better go for a long trip to get a good feeling while bending on your deck, grabbing mute and extending the rear leg.

– Buttering

Doing butters is also known as tail or nose press. It consists on putting the whole weight on the nose or the tail of the board and make it bend considerably such as a wheeling in bicycle.

– BS Truck Driver

This trick is a good one which involves grabbing with the two hands while turning in the air smoothly backside. The grabs are respectively Mute and StaleFish.

– Flying squirrel

If you are not scared of going a bit high in the air, this trick is a nice one to try which copies the squirrel flying down the trees. Be prepared to turn your deck on the front side but in the back of your body with both hands grabbing the heel edge. Before you land make sure you get back to the right position.

If you head to a Snowboard resort, print these lines and try one every day until you master each one. At the end of your trip, get some friends to shoot you and send me the photos.

You do not need a high end board to complete these tricks but I can recommend a good one which a lot riders use which is the Burton Custom X.