The Secret to Getting a Boxer Body

If you’re training to be a pro boxer, amateur boxer, or even a fight, one thing you’ll definitely want is a “boxer’s body.” What do I mean by a boxer’s body? It’s quite simple. Look at the greats of the boxing world like Muhammad Ali. Broad shoulders, built back, chest, and triceps.

And what do all boxers have in common? They train hard on the punch bags. A boxing bag is the boxer’s number one tool. So how does this contribute to getting a boxer body? Well, let us define a boxer body.

On an overall basis, I would define a boxer’s body as being very firm. This is key to having a boxer’s body and all pro boxers have this. Just go up to a boxer in the gym next time and give him a punch on the arm or chest! Whether he is muscularly built or not, you’ll feel as though you just punched a wall or a 250 lb heavy bag. If you look at fighters in the boxing world, you’ll notice a couple of things.

1) They are not all huge in terms of muscle mass

2) Muscles of many boxers aren’t overly defined

It is a common misconception that boxers are supposed to, or do, have bodies like weightlifters. This is not the case. Remember that muscle mass does not equate to strength. Proof of this lies in the MMA/UFC cages.

We’ve all seen very muscular fighters get completely owned by fighters who have very little muscular mass. A great example of this was the Lyoto Machida vs. Evans fight in UFC 98.

So a boxer body therefore equates to a body with much inner strength. An exercise that helps gain inner strength, that is, strength of the tissues, organs and ligaments, is hindu pushups. Another exercise is grappling and throwing a punching bag dummy. These help to built inner strength and not necessarily huge muscles.

So the secret to developing a real boxer’s body is to train like them. Do exercises that contribute to your inner strength. Meditate, train hard on the punch bags and don’t give up. If you want to firm up, use the boxing bag to train in rounds. Move around so you develop both endurance as well. To really firm up your muscles, you’re going to have to do a lot of cardio and inner strength training.