Snowboarding Tricks – Basic Steps Before Learning Tricks

Snowboarding by itself is a fun and safe sport that is basically a cross between skiing and skateboarding. Like most adventurous sports, snowboarding is most definitely not for the weak or frail hearted. But for those who are up to the challenge, it promises one of the most exciting blood rushes around.

Here are few basic Snowboarding tricks for a new learner:

1) You have to keep in mind that snowboarding is somehow similar to snow skiing. Body movements for snowboarding are similar to skiing as you control and stabilize your snowboard the same way. So if you are skilled skier you will find it easy to learn snowboarding tricks.

2) A very basic tip is that don’t get boots that are very tight. Boots you wear should be comfortable.

3) Don’t get long snowboards in the beginning of learning snowboarding tricks.

4) When you are starting to learn snowboarding don’t start riding down the snowy slope. You can start with snowboarding across a small patch of snow. Start feeling comfortable about equipments and your movement before starting snowboarding.

5) While snowboarding be in a relaxed position. Similar to any other sports snowboarding requires a calm mindset. Most of the accidents and injuries happen among snowboarders while they are performing snowboarding tricks in tensed position.

6) Before starting snowboarding you should find a flat area or gentle incline. Keep away from high-traffic areas.

7) When you are starting to learn tricks don’t practice alone. Always practice with friends so in case you hurt yourself you will have someone to look after you.

8) One of most important things in snowboarding is dress. You should dress comfortable and loose fitting snow clothing. You should wear goggles, glove and hat or helmet. You should also try to get wrist guards and helmet specially in the beginning.

9) You should practice skating around for 10-12 minutes before you go near the chairlift and start snowboarding.