Snowboarding Tips – Essential Strategies For Beginners to Experts

Basic snowboarding tips for beginners really come down to common sense. For example, always wear sun block! And when you have a fall – which inevitably you will! – try not to put your hands out as this can result in serious injuries.

If you want to progress from a beginner to a more advanced snowboarder there is a strategy to follow and it comes down to three headline tips for snowboarding success. I won’t go into tips about snowboarding gear in this article other than to say avoid cotton clothing as it retains moisture (sweat!) and think more about practicality and safety rather than trendy looks.

The essential tips for snowboarding are –

1) Focused Training. You must understand the basic principles and apply them. Don’t try to run before you can walk. Treat each technique, move or trick individually and focus on one at a time.

2) Physical Training. It goes without saying that stamina is required in snowboarding. Some time spent either in the gym or out doing some good old fashioned running or walking will pay you benefits and increase your enjoyment once you get to the slopes. Painful as they may be, you can’t beat squats as a training exercise for snowboarding. If you have weights, hold them as you do 20 reps, rest and repeat. If not, hold a couple of cans of beans or whatever you have in the cupboard!

3) Mental Training. I don’t want to sound too way out there now but the environment you’ll be in as a snowboarder is alien to many beginners and a key tip is to think about that, prepare yourself and visualise it. Visualisation is key to success in most sports now and by spending time imagining yourself cruising down the slopes you will build the inner confidence necessary to keep you going after a few falls and bumps. Picture yourself cool and confident moving gracefully and you’ll build the muscle memory to make it a reality.

Be safe out there on the slopes and follow my tips and you’ll become a snowboarding junkie!