Ski and Snowboard Instructor Courses, the Best and the Worst

Things to Consider when Picking Your Instructor Course

So you've decided you want to be a snowboard instructor, so you've got the easy part done. Now it's time to decide where, when, with who and for how long, all of which are very big decisions with many dependents. On this page I'm going walk you through some of the things you should be thinking about when picking your snowboard instructor course that may not have come to mind at first and some that may have but another point of view is always helpful.

Now before you decide on what you're going to do you'll have to decide what you're trying to achieve for example a lot of people are happy with taking a season in the mountains with a bunch of other like minded people, just for the fun of with the boarding just to have something to get them up in the morning in this case a whole season without the exam is a great option (only some courses will ever offer this sort of option). Now for someone who is looking for a get in get out with a qualification, look for a program where all instructors are qualified.

First things first, how much time do you have? If you have a full season of freedom GREAT, as the more time you spend in an academy the better as with sports your never done improving until your with the sport, that being said to the goal is to be efficient enough to pass your exams and become an instructor yourself. Now depending on what level you are trying to achieve respectively more time will be necessary. Another thing to take into account is your previous experience, for someone who is quite confident in their riding a season is definitely enough for level one and in a lot of cases level two as well. Now for someone who does not have all the time in world timing is everything as you have to include time for your exam, 2 to 3 week courses are also very productive if you are quite confident in your riding going in to the course, ask any all ready qualified instructor if you have the skills needed and they should be able to give you a good reference point.

Where you take your course will have the largest effect on the cost taking in all the exterior factors such as currency trade as most courses are abroad thinking of somewhere, where your pound / dollar will go a long way is always an attractive and wise choice, not only that but some course have decided to nestle themselves into some of the most expensive areas of the skiing world ex the French alps whistler or Banff in Canada or the mountains or Austria, this however tempting it may be is probably the biggest problem I have found to date with these academies as it in most cases more than doubles the price, as these areas have the most expensive slopes in the world now granted if you were going to take a season away and ride everyday all day on any slope you'd like that would be ideal but you have to take into account that the better part of everyday will be spent on the beginner slopes where you'll be learning to teach other beginners. Just one more to thing to think about is always the cost of travel.

Another small piece of where you have to do with what company you choose as A not many companies have more than one campus and B different companies have very different accommodation, as in comparing prison cells to luxury chalets.

Who are you going to take your snowboard instructor course with will have the biggest impact on your personal experience (all snowboarding factors aside), what you should be looking for is company or team who is doing it for the love of the sport rather than the commercial gains, trust me such company's do exist !!! A good test is to ask questions in the registration process about altering some of the set packages or deals, the teams that care will make the changes regardless of if it makes them more money or not, these are the sort of teams you want to find . Another thing you want to make sure of is not joining a team of sticklers (very strict no fun nutters), you're going to be with these people day after day hour after hour you need to have people who know how to have fun while getting the job done. Also all the snowboarding should always be the priority it's always nice to mix it up a bit and do other things and night and on days of rest so make sure who you go with has other things around to keep it exciting I've heard some courses typically have bungee jump a block or so from their campus. Again make sure your getting a team of qualified instructors to teach you.

Last but certainly not least is the cost , as we all know the sport we've grown to love is not one of a cheap nature, actually exactly the opposite, but just like with everything else is you search hard enough I have found A SNOWBOARD INSTRUCTOR COURSE 10 WEEKS for 3095 pounds that's about 3000 less than the next leading snowboard instructor course. Now this particular snowboard instructor academy did include the price of the exams inside that cost, but this is one thing you must check before registering with anyone, that they include these types of hidden costs, because I've heard of people using all their savings to pay for a course only to find out they had another hidden cost to take the exam and they could not afford it so the whole season went with out purpose. Again when dealing with cost make sure you factor in currency exchange rates and cost of living in the places abroad as well as travel costs.

As well some companies will give discounts or take costs away for things such as someone who does not need equipment (all though they should always ask), or someone who is willing to do a bit of work themselves while they are participating in the academy (some academies are also tour companies), these sort of things are a great way to get around breaking the bank.

I hope all this has helped and that it bought a little more perspective to all the variables when choosing your snowboard instructor academy. I've attached two links to this page of different courses I've found including the one with the 10 week course for 3095!