Rule Changes For the 2008 NFL Season

Well, it seems like the excitement of the Giants’ amazing victory over the Patriots in Super Bowl XLII is finally beginning to die down, and NFL fans are already getting geared up for the upcoming 2008 NFL Football Season. When a new NFL season is being developed, the current rules are always looked at and efforts to improve them take place. This NFL season is no exception and there have already been some important changes made, as well a many proposed changes that are still on the table.

One of the more amusing changes in rules to be proposed for the upcoming football season was a possible ban on hair flowing out of players’ helmets. Some NFL players, such as Troy Polamalu, have some really long hair and the sports teams are worried that it is obscuring the player’s name and number from the viewers’ sight. If this rule had been instated it would have required the players to cut their hair, or find a way to keep it tucked into their helmets during the duration of the game. This isn’t the only reason for the proposed rule change however. The Kansas City Chiefs asked that the rule to be instated because of an incident that occurred when their running back, Larry Johnson, pulled another player down by his hair and held it for some time after the two had hit the ground. This resulted in a penalty against him. The Chiefs would like to make sure that this never happens again by requiring hair to be tucked into helmets if it is over a certain length. Luckily for the players this rule change was voted down, but be on the lookout for it to pop up again in the future.

Some proposed changes have already passed when the NFL owners gathered together to discuss them in Palm Beach, Florida recently. One such change concerns the Defense receiving a microphone helmet, a privilege usually reserved only for the quarterbacks. Another new rule allows coaches the ability to defer the coin toss should they win and wish to keep the football for the second half. Also new to the game this year will be instant replays for field goals. The Incidental Facemask grab has been done away with as well. Facemask grabs must be held now in order for the player to receive a penalty.

The 2008 football season is sure to be an important and exciting one as there are some other changes that are going to take place that don’t necessarily have to do with rules. For one thing, the NFL is going to be sporting a new logo. This will be the first time the league has ever updated their logo. It will feature 8 stars to represent each of the league’s divisions. On a somber note, this will be the last season that the Dallas Cowboys will play at Texas Stadium; their new Stadium will be in Arlington, Texas. Another interesting change involves the retirement of Brett Favre.