Popular Brands of Silicone Wristband

Aside from being used as promotional materials, fund raising, giveaways, creating awareness and etc. silicone wristband has been part of the signature products of the most popular companies and sport team. One of them is the Coca Cola Company to which among its best seller products are the refreshing drinks. Their products are concentrated mainly on bases, syrups and concentrates which are delivered worldwide. The management have seen the effect of silicone wristbands  and how they are perceived by people turning them to switch with the use of it as one of their trademark. Their Coca Cola wristband comes in red and white colors with the imprinted logo in the centre.

Another popular brand of silicone wristband is the Reebok which is an American-inspired brand that creates and markets sports and lifestyle products with the aim to “Always challenge and lead through Creativity”. Their silicone wristband was launched in 2005. Most of their wristbands are designed by Jay Z with hip hop inscriptions like “CAN’T KNOCK THE HUSTLE”, “99 REASONS” and “NEVER CHANGE”. Reebok also sponsored tennis camp Andy Roddick in raising money for his charity that supports abused and neglected children using the blue wristband with an imprinted text read as “No Compromise”. The wristband has a variety of colors with the reebok logo.
Even NBA team has its own signature silicone wristband. I’m talking about Los Angeles Lakers. Their silicone wristband comes in 3 packs in three different colors of white, yellow and violet with the Lakers logo imprinted in them, and officially licensed by National basketball Association. It only cost $4.99 per pack. Due to the popularity and championship winnings of the team their silicone wristbands is very in demand making it always out of stock. Fans of the team cannot hide their desire to support the team that’s why when their silicone wristband was introduced it was a hit.

These are just three of the various popular silicone wristband brands that are making a big name. It only shows that silicone wristband entertaining and satisfying effect to human kind never fades. Instead it continues to give enjoyment to the users by allowing them to express themselves through wearing their desired silicone wristband.