Pittsburgh Steelers Throwback Helmets

Have you been noticing the new yellow football helmets that the Pittsburgh Steelers have been wearing in some of their games this year? These are “Throwback Helmets” from the 1962 NFL Season. The NFL allows teams to wear uniforms that are not their current colors and logos in 4 home games, and 2 away games per year, as a break from their traditional “Black and Gold uniforms, the Pittsburgh Steelers are celebrating their proud past with this style of throwback uniform. The helmet is yellow, and has the older “Steel” trademark with the 3 colored diamonds and the word “Steel” instead of the team name Steelers. The 3 colored diamonds represent the famouse 3 rivers that Pittsburgh in famous for, in fact, their old stadium was named “Three Rivers Stadium”

The Steelers entered the league in 1933, and suffered through many losing seasons. They never won anything, until 1972 when they finally won the AFC Central and started one of the greatest dynasties in sports. The Steelers were the team of the seventies in the NFL, winning their division 10 consecutive years, and winning the Super Bowl 4 times. They became the first team to win back to back Super Bowls, and they did it twice in the 70’s.

Riddell manufacturers several lines of football helmets, and there are 3 different styles of these Pittsburgh Steelers throwback helmets available to consumers. The Riddell mini throwback helmet, the full size replica helmet, and the authentic Pro Line helmet, all of these helmets are available at NFL Pro Shops and team stores all over the internet.