Not Any Usual Formula, Here’s How to Use Credit Cards Wisely and Right

If you are an employee that is for the first time have a credit card, you are certainly excited because it can use the card for your needs. However, you should be wise in using it. Why? There are at least three reasons. First, the credit card that is provided by many companies such is a debt that you must pay off. Second, interest rates are relatively high credit card each month (from 2.75 to 3{5807dd84655f4134ecd9e5329f6029a509ca345e8618f0c2e20323bdeed6de70}). Third, credit cards encourage you to consumptive lifestyles that have an impact on your financial resilience. The good news is, you can use credit cards wisely. To help you achieve this goal, the following 8 ways you should do.

  1. Expenditure according to plan

Familiarize yourself to shop according to plan. Wherever the shopping arcade, a spending plan will help you control your spending. For example, from your home had planned to use a credit card to buy a treadmill. When in the fitness equipment store, focus yourself to buy a treadmill.

Focusing on the spending plan is not easy. There’s always a temptation that increase your desire to buy. For example, promoted health sandals buy one get one free. If it occurred in the head to buy such goods, back to plan your shopping and remember that you need the money for other purposes.

  1. Avoid withdraw cash via credit card

One is the ease of a credit card can be used to withdraw cash from an ATM. Nonetheless, brace yourself for not taking advantage of it. The reason, withdrawing cash from credit cards are subject to interest of 4-5{5807dd84655f4134ecd9e5329f6029a509ca345e8618f0c2e20323bdeed6de70} per month. If your finances just enough for the monthly needs, of this interest will weigh yourself.

  1. Ignore the merchant deals

Credit card issuers generally cooperated with a number of merchants. The merchant has a number of clever ways to hook the owner of the credit card to shop at their place. For example, they send a special invitation with prizes of certain goods. Credit card owner must come to a merchant to get the goods. If you get a special invitation like that, just ignore it. Why? When you come to a merchant, you will be offered a variety of their products. Maybe you will buy one or more of their products because they feel uncomfortable already given away free stuff.I’ve experienced it. However, I learned from the absurdity of it. Now, when I received a special invitation from a particular merchant, I throw it into the trash invitation.

  1. Take advantage of credit cards to save money

If your employees who frequently travel outside the city for business or personal use, you can use credit cards to save money. For example, you can use the facilities of the airport lounge reward card for a free meal at the restaurant elite in the airport. Though not free, you can get a promo price of these foods. This method is risky at the consumer lifestyle. However, a little better and smarter than you eat at the airport lounge facilities elite without reward.

  1. Check the bill carefully

If you already use a credit card to shop, you will get a monthly bill that is sent to your home. Check the bill carefully to find out if there is a transaction that you did not do. If there is, please contact customer service from your credit card issuer to complain about your complaint.