Most Martial Arts & Self Defense Programs Are Totally Wrong for Women and Middle-Aged Men!

Regardless of whether or not you’ve trained in a formal self defense class or martial arts program, I’m sure that you have the same perception of the trained martial artist as young, male, fit, and very athletic. And yet, these guys are actually the least likely to be attacked in a self defense situation.

While they are the “most” likely to get into a fight, or to be attracted to the allure and fame of sport karate or mixed martial arts – they are not the typically victim of a street self defense attack.

This article discusses this, and several other reasons why most self defense and martial arts programs are wrong when it comes to arming women and older men with the skills necessary for effective self defense against a real attack from a real world attacker.

As pointed out in the self defense book called, “The Karate-Myth,” there are certain myths and misconceptions that our society has, as a whole, that get in the way of your learning effective, real-world self defense. One of these is the idea that just because someone has a black belt in this or that martial art, automatically means that he or she can defend themselves against an enraged attacker or street criminal.

Sorry. Just not so.

In fact, many martial arts systems are not focused on modern, real-world self defense.

The execution of some really cool skills… yes.

Self protection… no.

The reality is that, for women, the concept of self defense is a very difficult subject. Not because there is no defending themselves in a women’s self defense situation, but because even the best scenario includes the male attacker being about two and half times stronger than the female victim!

It’s true. If you were to stand a man and a woman, side-by-side, and all things were equal…

Same height, weight, size

Same fitness level

Same state of health, in fact…

All things considered…

She would still be outgunned by a ratio of 2 to 1!

And, when we think about the average man or woman of middle age, we get the idea that they probably…

Aren’t very fit, athletic, or quick

Haven’t exercised since high-school (if they were active then), or…

Are very conservative when it comes to dealing with aggression or wanting to fight

That means that, regardless of how committed they are to learning to defend themselves, the least likely they are to remain in a program that tries to turn them into the equivalent of a 20 year old male.

Probably explains why the typical, middle aged man or woman drops out of martial arts training within the first 100 days. In fact, studies where these folks were interviewed show that it was because there was not real world self defense training being offered that matched what these students knew they would be facing if they were really ever attacked.

The point here is that, if you’re serious about self defense, and you can relate to what I’ve been talking about here – if you are, yourself, a woman or a middle-aged man… then you need to make sure that you find a program, or at least a good home study program – books and videos – that will give you what you need…

For YOU…

Not for the young, macho, testosterone-driven man who thinks that defending yourself is more about tricky moves and 6-pack abs, than not getting beaten, broken, or killed by some crazy lunatic who won’t be following any rules, or being impressed by that cool Black Belt around your waist!