Master The 5 Different Jabs To Win Any Fight

In boxing, mastering the jab will increase one’s chances greatly in winning the fight. There are five different types of jabs and knowing them all and being able to use them properly is something worth looking into. The different types are the pesky jab, stiff jab, splitter, upper jab and the blinder. Someone once said that one should compare the jab to the queen in a chess match. It’s has the ability to open opportunities, block opponents, and essentially makes the match much easier to win!

The basic jab would be thrown from your chin towards the opponent and retracts quickly back to the throwers chin. Although a quick motion, it does cause abrasions in the opponent and makes them stay in a defensive mode. A brief explanation of the different type of jabs can be found below.

Pesky jab – This jab is used to mess up the opponent’s rhythm and hopefully make them make rash decisions therefore allowing you to take the upper hand.

Stiff jab – The stiff jab should essentially stop your opponent and make them back up completely. More power is put into this jab because it is thrown from the shoulder with more force as an offensive weapon. This jab should also be slightly longer than a regular jab therefore requires more of a follow through.

Splitter – Unlike other jabs, this jab should be thrown with the thumb up. This helps allow you to still use the jab effectively even if the opponent is guarding you very well, it is easier to slide through and make contact when the thumb is facing upwards.

Upper jab – This jab is thrown in somewhat of a seesaw motion. Still very quick but it catches the opponent off guard quite well. The reason this jab is so effective is because of the line it is thrown in and it sets you up to throw a powerful right hand right afterwards.

Blinder – The name really says it all on this jab. This particular jab is used to blind the opponent while you get ready to make contact with your right hand; it hides your move so your power punch can make better contact.

Learning and knowing all of these different jabs are equally as important as having the proper stance. With these techniques mastered, one should easily be able to defeat their opponent. It just takes a lot of time and practice though to get to that point.