Helpful Tips in Choosing the Perfect Display Case For Your Football Collection

Your football memorabilia collection is probably one of your most prized possessions. So it is extremely vital that you protect its condition and help preserve it longer. It may either be a simple collection of football trading cards or a longtime hobby of completing the NFL mini helmet collection. Some factors such as frequent exposure to moisture and heat can surely increase the probability of it discoloring and fading. It is also prone to dust and simple handling can prove to affect its net worth in the future. This is especially applicable to signed memorabilia such as posters and photographs. These factors can lead to smearing, bleeding or worst, the signature can disappear entirely.

Display cases for your valuable collection will probably be the best protection you can give for your memorabilia. There are many display cases available in the market that differs in quality and durability. These cases do not only protect these items but is also an attractive way of showing off your collection. Therefore, it is important that you find the best display case you can afford to protect these items and ensure they are seen and appreciated by their true value. Here are some tips you can consider before making a final decision in the display case perfect for your football collection.

o Design
Typical display cases are cubed shaped but there are a few designs that come in hexagonal, round or other shapes. Display cases are all manufactured acrylic but the sturdy and hardy cases often have solid bases. These cases are available in oak, walnut or black bases. You should choose a display case according to your design preference as well as its quality.

o Quality
Quality is the most important aspect you should consider when shopping for a display case. Although it is considered that any protection is better than no protection at all, it is always best to purchase a display that has better quality than others. Look for characteristics such as sturdiness, good craftsmanship and durability.

o Construction
It is important that you determine how the display case is crafted. Some may be glued or just stapled together. Even though this protective case may only last for a few years, it is much better that it is attached in a more secure way like handcrafted cases. One good tip is to select a display case that is handmade rather than one that is mass-produced. You can also check if the wooden base is made out of endurable wood and not compressed paper or wood laminate.

Display cases are designed to protect collectibles such as your NFL mini helmet collection. If you truly want to ensure that your memorabilia will last longer and will be protected, it is important that you purchase one that is ideal and strong enough to withstand the harsh effects of moisture and heat.