Golf Cart Parts Buying – Your Online Guide

You can find golf cart parts for almost all types of carts at golf accessory dealers and expert online shops.

The following are some of the parts for the push / pull golf carts:

– Small wheels

– Scorecard and drinks container

– Seats

Below is a list of the parts for the motorized golf carts:

– Internal and external rudiments

– Electrics

– Cool components which jazz up all motorized golf carts

If you think that finding parts for motorized golf carts is hard, let me just tell you, "You're wrong!" You can easily find parts of motorized golf carts when you feel it is time to change the electrics, body pieces, style, and entertainment features.

You may avail damaged pieces for your cart from its distributor – that is, if your cart has just been previously purchased and is still under warranty. It is also important that the cause of damage is due to manufacturing. You may check the certification or the website of the company for any information regarding this matter.

If your cart is already old and is no longer covered by the warranty period, you need not be worried. You can still easily get hold of golf cart parts. Buggies Unlimited, "The world's largest supplier of golf cart gear," takes pride in its wide array of golf cart parts. You can access their list of products at:

The brochure of their company contains everything – from fans, mirrors, and pockets for license plates to seats and security schemes.

Another website that you may find helpful when you're canvassing for golf cart parts is Parts 4 Carts. It provides you a list of a wide range of golf cart parts. You may also find a statement that the list is just a chosen selection from the many parts you can obtain from their salvage yard. Salvaged golf cart parts are advantageous if you are a cost-conscious buyer when it comes to part replacement. You can visit the Parts 4 Carts website at:

If you're looking for a local distributor of golf cart parts near your home, Golf Car Portal [] is just what you need. This website provides you with information on distributors of parts located at every city and state. You can verify whether you have a local distributor near you by visiting:

You should remember that golf cart parts are not just designed for replacing old or damaged pieces of your cart. They can also be used to personalize your cart to make it different from the others and to make it stylish. Like cars, you can embellish cart with interesting designs that you like – flames, cartoon characters, funny icons … whatever it is that interests you. You can also avail of elaborate hubcaps as the final touches for your personalized cart.

Most golf cart designs these days are interestingly equipped with the following:

-mobile phone pocket

-CD Player

-pocket for cigars


-animated seat and steering wheel covers

With the endless possibilities that you can do to personalize your carts and the new additions to them, you can say goodbye to the boring golf cart stereotype and say hello to the new and radically personalized golf carts.