Freestyle Snowboarding Instructions and Tips

Freestyle snowboarding is the most interesting and common style of snowboarding. It involves snowboarding on any natural available territory. It is not like the professional snowboarding sports that requires professional tricks and stunts. The Freestyle snowboarding requires you to perform simple tricks and tactics of your own style. It is best suited for the beginner and intermediate level snowboarders. This type of snowboarding involves friendly matches that could have been played and performed in any style.

It includes performing any kind of style, such as snowboarding on the rails, snowboarding in the terrain, catching up big air in the territory, snowboarding on the half pipes, performing any kind of tricks or tactics in the air or on the ground. Freestyle snowboarding is everything related to expressing the styles in any way you want. The following are the instructions, which will help you to choose the right freestyle snowboard:

Choose the snowboard as per your height: It is very important to select the snowboard as per your height in order to get proper balance and support. For example, the best freestyle snowboard fitted for the adults would be of130cm to 160cm in length and for children the best fitted ones would be of 100cm to 140cm in length.

Ensure that you stand on the freestyle snowboard on its end. Its end should come in a proper alignment to the center of your chest. A short length snowboard will enable you to perform easy stunts and tricks.

Choose the right boots: It is also very important that you choose the right boots that will properly fit your feet and the snowboard. Weaving loose boots will cause you to fall off balance and will not allow you to snowboard properly, therefore ensure that you wear boots that properly fit your feet.

Body weight: The body weight also plays a very important role during snowboarding. An overweight individual can not be able to snowboard properly and will involve high risk. The right weight as per the height Estimated for efficient freestyle snowboarding are: 70pounds to 130pounds for an individual of 144cm in height, an individual of 148cm in height is about 80ounds to 140pounds, an individual of 150cm in height is about 90pounds to 170pounds, an Individual of 158cm in height is about 100pounds to 190pounds and an individual of 160cm in height is about 130pounds to 200pounds.

Choosing the protection gears: When performing freestyle snowboarding, it is very important that you observe proper safety and protection by wearing safety gears. The safety gears, such as buttock gear, guards, helmets; Tucker back protection, knee supports, ankle brace, and tucker rib protection, will provide you with proper protection even when you meet with serious accidents.

You should also ensure that you choose right clothing for snowboarding. It is recommended that you wear warm and water proof clothing in order to maintain right body temperature. The proper body temperature will help prevent prevent cramps, aches and pains during freezing weather.