Four Excellent Safety Products for Female Runners and Joggers

Are you a female runner or jogger? If so, do you carry a self defense weapon with you on jogging trails? If your answer is no, why not? It only makes good sense. We have always been told not to jog at night and never jog alone. But what if you work odd hours and don’t have a jogging partner? Or maybe your work situation doesn’t make it possible to job in the daylight hours.

You are at risk when you run alone in dark or poor lighted areas. A female jogger is seen as a prime target for someone who is looking for someone to assault or rape. A runner may be tired or winded and as such may be seen as an easy victim.

Here are a just a few choices that are good options for runners and joggers. Which Safety Product is Good For You?

1. Pepper Spray Jogger

Pepper spray may not only be used on human attackers, but is also an effective, non lethal dog repellant.


  • Perfect for sports and outdoor activities such as running or jogging.
  • It can be carried hands free.
  • Carry it on your key chain.
  • Put it on the belt clip.
  • Use the Velcro strap.

2. Hot Walker – Walking Weights

Hot Walker Walking Weights are one pound and have 10{5807dd84655f4134ecd9e5329f6029a509ca345e8618f0c2e20323bdeed6de70} Pepper Spray built in. Made specifically for the runner or jogger.


  • Supportive elastic hand straps.
  • Handy storage compartment for money and keys.
  • Comfortable foam covered hand grips.
  • Clean easily with soap and water.

3. Runt Stun Gun 4.5 Million Volts

The energy stored in the Runt Stun Gun causes his muscles to work very rapidly, which depletes the blood sugars he or she needs for energy. It also interrupts the neurological impulses that control voluntary muscle movement, which in turn causes loss of balance.

Runt Gun Features:

  • The Runt is a very powerful stun gun.
  • It can easily be concealed.
  • It fits easily in the hand of a woman or man.
  • It can be carried in your hand or pocket.
  • Wear it like a pager.
  • Provides almost invisible protection.

4. Stun Master Lipstick Stun Gun

This Stun Master Lipstick Stun Gun is not only rechargeable but has a flashlight too! It is a mini stun gun, only 3″ x 3/4″. It is disguised to look like a tube of lipstick. It is very unique and completely portable. It doesn’t matter what purse you are carrying, it will go wherever you go.


  • There is a built in rechargeable battery.
  • It also Includes an integrated charger.
  • There are two buttons under the cap, one for the stun gun and one for the flashlight.
  • It has a Disable Pin: You wear the wrist strap around your wrist. It plugs into the bottom of the stun gun. As a safety precaution, the disable pin will pull out if the stun gun is taken from you. This will prevent the stun gun from being operational.

These are only four options available today. It really doesn’t matter whether you choose the Pepper Spray Jogger, the Mace Walking Weights, the Runt Stun Gun or the Stun Master Lipstick Stun Gun. The important thing is to protect yourself from harm when you are running or jogging. If you don’t, you are vulnerable and asking for trouble. We all know it’s important to stay physically fit, but we often forget that our personal safety is just as important.

Safety isn’t expensive, it’s Priceless!