Disadvantages of Some News Media

News media are the tools that are used in order for us to acquire knowledge about everything that happens around us everyday. These may be political news, insurance news or even sports, but all of these play a very important role upon completing our day. They are pieces of information that equips us with a complete knowledge in order to help us cope up with our daily tasks and duties. However, these tools for dispersing news have their own set of disadvantages and here they are.

  1. Newspapers – Despite the fact that this is the most popular source of news, it has the largest disadvantage. The information that was reported earlier could possibly be different from the news in the evening. Also, even though newspaper is the most convenient medium, you have to stack them away after you read it which may possibly be a cause of fire because newspapers are one of those things that could attract fire very easily. Another thing is, posting advertisements in these papers requires a big amount of money therefore the advertiser needs to cut the message as short as it could be. Cutting the message short could sometimes lead to misconception of the readers.

  2. Magazines – These glossy newspaper-like mediums are expensive and cannot be afforded by everyone and like the newspaper, all of the information posted there costs a lot that is why almost all the news in it are summarized and cut short.

  3. Television – Although the television is considered the most preferred news medium by everybody, they still create an impact to our society especially to children. Televising violent actions, robbery, criminal acts and many more may pollute the minds of children and make them think that violence is a normal thing in our world. That is why parents should always accompany their children when watching these programs so that they could explain to them what is really happening around them. Another disadvantage is we can never be sure whether the news that they are reporting are pure facts. Always keep in mind that these news programs belong to certain channels that protect specific parties. That is why they have all the power to manipulate and reverse what really happened if they want. This fact can lead to the total confusion of the viewers that may even lead to war.

  4. Internet – We can get all sorts of things from the World Wide Web and like the television, we can never be sure of the information that we are getting. Leaving the children alone in front of a computer is like leaving them outside the open world where violence and evil deeds are continuously done.