Corrupt Police Officials? An Interview With Tony Hayes

Corruption is a widespread social phenomenon; it remains to exist in every culture – even though many countries argue to have eliminated corruption in superior authorities.

These countries believe that corruption only exists in bureaucratic societies; where every single issue is dictated and dominated by a government; perhaps a corrupt government. I beg to differ…

…Police corruption can comprise of a single officer or a collection of officers, or could even be an orthodox exercise of a complete police department!

So this led to me to investigate a common complaint for injustice within society; police harassment and victimization – here are just a couple of headlines I found supporting such complaints:




I don’t dispute the fact that many police enforcement officers are decent human beings who will try hard to do an honest job for everyone they deal with. Many are honest and need the cooperation of the honest citizen. However research does suggest that powers are being abused by corrupt police officers and citizens are being subject to harassment in some cases.

I decided to speak someone about their experiences and their perspective on the law, a person who feels they have been victimized and subject to harassment.

Meet Tony Hayes:

Tony Hayes made no secret of his time spent in custody for the assault of a doorman. He said the “actions were in defense of myself and my ex wife after a doorman threatened us both with offensive weapons”.

However, previous to this, Tony had filed a complaint against various officers for harassment as well as fictitious statements, malicious behavior & un-professional conduct.

How did the victimization start?

“It started after I first filed a complaint against an officer for slander and defamation of character; I did so because an officer was telling members of the public that I had been arrested for drunken disorderly which was untrue!”

“I felt this was malicious and vindictive as at the time I was the owner of a Muay Thai boxing club. This could ruin my reputation and my livelihood – so I filed a complaint against the officer”.

“I was then called into the police station and I spoke with an inspector who promised me he would make the incident from before (the defense of myself and my ex wife after a doorman threatened us both with extreme weapons) would go away if I dropped my complaint against his officer”.

“I refused and then he made a call to the CPS there and then, a month later I was in court for this incident”

“Ever since I filed that complaint I have become the victim of police harassment, wrongful arrest, assault, you name it.”

What has happened recently with regards to the case?

“Last week I had to report a crime of threatening behavior from an individual linked to the corrupt CID officer. I believe he had a personal vendetta against me because I named him in court; however none of this can actually be found…such a coincidence”

“The individual linked with the corrupt CID appears to be claiming that I have been making threats to him whilst I have been in Warwick. Yet this is the best part – He cannot remember a date!”

Have you been making threats to him whilst in Warwick?

“No, and the funny thing is – I haven’t even been to Warwick and nor have I seen this individual. This is the same man who claims in court to live in fear for his life due to me… “

“The only time I have ever contacted him was to warn him off, as he indirectly threatened my 67 year old father, which I have actually logged on my mobile telephone for evidence. Previous experiences with corrupt police officers have caused me to take these kinds of actions.”

So what are they doing about this?

“Well the police have decided to issue me with a written caution for harassment! ”

“I have told them that I haven’t even seen this man nor have I been to Warwick and you would think that because this individual can’t actually remember the date that, that might be some sort of a clue that his evidence isn’t exactly supported!”

He threatened your father!?

“Yeah, and It just so happens that due to these calls to my father and what they’re going to do him, he is actually selling the family home of 28 years… Yet the Police refuse to act on this individual’s threat.”

“Since the threats to my father I have taken no action other than to log it onto my website as the fear that dealing with the Police directly; will again have an adverse and severe affect on my life”

How has this ordeal affected your life?

“It is useful for people to know that the lies told by the police can damage your life! ”

“None more so than some of the allegations by the Police remain on file and will affect me for the rest of my life – both in a personal and a professional capacity”.

“The Police actually gave out certain details to members of the public and I was subject to two blackmail attempts due to it. I couldn’t kick off over this because they would go to the police and say I was making threats to them which of course means that I end up in prison, it is and was a no win situation”.

Tony went on to describe what he thought about the police force, the injustice he felt he has suffered and the affects of the victimization that he and his father have endured.

Tony adds: “I would ask people to keep an open mind, remember that the police are (despite how they act, human beings). If the police and officers in any force were not capable of being corrupt, why is there an entire unit dedicated to catching such individuals in every force? Complaints and events similar to what happened to me – do take place, only you, the general public never gets to hear about it”.

It was clear to me that the experience that Tony seems to have endured has most definitely had a dramatic affect on his life. These incidents that he has faced have even led to serious mental and health problems for Tony; even to this day!

So; I ask – if a percentage of the law enforcement officials are abusing their power against civilians how are we; civilians supposed to put trust and respect in the system?