Safety Tips for Novice and Experienced Golfers

Golf generally isn’t regarded as a high-risk sport. Indeed, compared to many other mainstream sports, hitting the links seems downright danger-free. Still, golf is not entirely without risks. Whether you’re a novice golfer or you’ve been hitting the links for decades, there are a number of potential dangers to watch out for. In the interest of staying safe on the green, golfers of all skills levels should take the following pointers to heart.

Keep an Eye on Where Your Fellow Golfers Are in Relation to Yourself

A staggering number of golfing accidents occur as a result of players becoming distracted. This is why it’s important to be as attentive as possible when taking your swings. Before swinging a club, make sure your golf buddies are a safe distance away – and if it seems like someone is standing too close, don’t hesitate to bring this to their attention. A little bit of attentiveness can go a long way in the quest to avoid club-related mishaps.

Have Access to a Working Golf Cart

Depending on the size of the course, a golf cart may be essential. In addition to making the trek from hole to hole far less arduous, a golf cart will protect you from excessive UV exposure and help keep you safe from wayward balls. Like any other motor vehicle, your golf cart will need to receive consistent maintenance in order to remain up and running. This involves regularly changing the oil and swapping out weathered and/or defective components. Luckily, EZ GO golf cart parts are well-built, reliable and affordable on virtually any budget.

“FORE!” is Your Friend

People getting hit by balls is arguably the most common accident that occurs on any given golf course. In some cases, this is unavoidable, but more often than not, a base level of caution is enough to prevent this type of mishap. Whenever you take a swing, it’s imperative that you yell, “FORE!” This provides nearby golfers with a heads-up, enabling them to protect themselves accordingly. Even if the course you’re playing on looks sparsely-populated, don’t neglect to shout the aforementioned warning. Just because you can’t see other golfers doesn’t mean they aren’t there.

While it’s true that golf doesn’t pose as many dangers as other sports, it still comes with its share of risks. Fortunately, arming yourself with the proper knowledge can keep you and your fellow golfers safe the next time you play 18 holes.…