Buying a Martial Arts Canvas Karate Uniform

If you have been training in martial arts for several years and wear the traditional style karate uniform you probably have several in various conditions, from ragged and frayed to brand new. For most of us our favourite is not the brand new sparkling white karate uniform, it’s the uniform that has softened with constant wear, and although it looks a bit shabby it is so comfortable you just can’t part with it. It’s true that you can feel almost sentimental about your ‘special’ karate uniform, it’s been through hundreds of training sessions and holds a lot of good memories.

For some people, putting on their canvas karate gi can symbolise the transition between their casual everyday clothes and mentally preparing themselves for the focus and discipline of martial art training. It is a tool, and its effect can be instantaneous. But that doesn’t mean you want to pay an outrageous price for it. You can get a great quality well-cut canvas gi without having to break the bank.

Buying a new canvas uniform is not something to be done hastily. (I know someone who chose his wedding outfit in less time than it took him to choose a new karate uniform!) Dedicated martial arts practitioners expect to be wearing their uniform almost daily, they want it to fit comfortably, allow for a full range of movement, soak up litres of sweat and come up looking smart and professional after a good wash.

Pacific Sports canvas karate uniforms are designed by professional martial arts instructors that understand the importance of a good ‘cut’ and fit. They are made in top quality cotton canvas and include a wide range of weights… lightweight 10oz, medium weights 12oz and 14oz and heavyweight uniforms are available in 16oz and in 18oz canvas. These are strong, hard-wearing gi’s made to a European ‘cut’ that’s comfortable and a perfect fit for all body shapes. The seams are double stitched for long-lasting durability and best of all, they are great value for money. The medium-weight 12oz canvas gi, is perfect for beginners as well as intermediate and advanced practitioners. The fabric is closely woven and hard-wearing without being uncomfortably heavy for beginners or anyone preferring a lighter uniform.

A canvas karate uniform offers a superior cooling effect as they absorb more sweat keeping it away from the body during tough training sessions and deliver a crisp ‘snap’ sound with a well-carried out kick or punch. The jacket is cut to allow plenty of room through the shoulders and chest, for a full range of movement for a variety of martial art disciplines. The sleeves are full length and the pants are designed for deep stretches and high kicks, without straining the seams. They are fitted with elasticated waist, and drawstring for extra adjustment around the waist.

A Pacific Sports canvas karate uniform is made with a shrinkage allowance so it will feel large before washing. The uniform will shrink to fit after washing. Belts are not included with canvas karate gi’s but can be bought separately so the buyer can choose the colour he or she needs.