Bixby Knolls History & Things to Do

Bixby Knolls is a pretty area of Long Beach. This place is surrounded by North Long Beach, Wrigley on the south and California Heights on the east side.  In our modern day, Bixby Knolls has rich Restaurants, business and retail stores. A few years ago, Bixby Knolls used to be a different place. Rancho Los Cerritos used to be the historical center of this area.

Bixby Knolls had a Jonathan Temple which was responsible for adobe Hacienda, more than a hundred years ago. In 1844, this adobe served up as the headquarters for the cattle ranch. The temple then sold the huge ranch to the Bixby family for the development of the area. This place was blessed with the oil boom. This also led to the growth of population and trade. Today, Bixby Knolls million dollar homes, landmark building, restaurants, stores, dealerships, and elegant shops. This place is truly provides wholesome shopping delight.

Some people find the place traditional and reflationary. Bixby Knolls is in the vicinity of the Virginia Country Club and the Los Cerritos Ranch House. This site is now converted into a public museum. Now, the neighborhood has a large Jewish population. The Richard Goad Theatre is a historical society here. You would love to shop at the Bixby Knolls shopping Center. The Long Beach Virginia Country Club golf course is a popular site. Other amusement centers include the Bixby Knolls Park, the Somerset Park and the Cerritos Park. The Somerset Park is located at the Bixby Terrace neighborhood. The Cerritos Park is located in the Los Cerritos neighborhood.

Bixby Knolls is also popular for its happening nightlife. Attractive night clubs, bars and restaurant fill life into the place. The bottom’s Up Karoke and Sports bar is one of the best bars here. This is the best place to hang out with your friends. You would love to socialize here.  Great staff, beautiful women, drinks and sumptuous cuisines, this place just rocks.

Other important bars and restaurants include the Main O’ Main. Whether you are alone or with a group of friends, the drink menu is not going to disappoint you. The DJ is rocking. Dance to their tunes and enjoy the night in Bixby Knolls.

This place is also a fun destination for adventure sports. You can also engage yourself in other recreational activities like biking, boating, fishing, and camping, hiking, The Long beach sort adventure and other sports like baseball, Soccer, racing and basketball.