Beyond Cars

Having a car allows you to go almost anywhere whenever you want. However, cars are expensive to maintain, require lots of gas and are not always practical for city living. Consider these alternative means of transportation if a car is not working for your lifestyle.


Bicycles are not just for children. They allow you to go much farther and more quickly than you could by walking. Most city roads are designed with bike lanes now to make riding even easier. Furthermore, bicycling is much better for the environment than driving. If your commute is too far for you to bike on your own energy, you could try an electric bicycle Alberta CA. These bikes have a battery that you can use to help you go farther or get up that huge hill.

Public Transportation

Relying on public transportation such as trains and buses requires you to give up some control over your day. You have to follow the schedule, and accidents or repairs may cause delays. If you commute to a city, though, public transportation saves you from downtown parking. You also can use your travel time for reading or catching up on work instead of just driving.


Although walking is not practical for every errand, most people could walk much more than they do.

If you live a mile or a little farther from the grocery store, turn shopping into a workout. When you meet a friend for coffee, choose a location that is within walking distance of your job or home. Walking instead of driving requires more planning in advance. However, you’ll gain time for thinking and reflection as you travel and you will be more grateful for modern means of transportation.

Cars are not the only way to get from place to place. Challenge yourself by shaking up your lifestyle and trying one of these alternate means of transportation.