A Fun Day Exploring Ambergris Caye Belize by Golf Cart

One of the fun things to do when you visit the island of Ambergris Caye in Belize is to explore the island by Golf Cart.

Rather than owning cars, island residents on Ambergris Caye get around the island by Golf Cart, and when you visit it is a great way to spend a day taking in the beauty, sights and sounds of the island of Ambergris Caye Belize.

Ambergris Caye is unique, and unlike most other vacation destinations there are absolutely no Car rental companies on the island, instead you can rent a Golf Cart and use that as your mode of transportation to get around the island.

Contrary to what people assume, you still need to have a full valid driver’s license to operate and drive a Golf cart on Ambergris Caye.

Many times people think they can allow their kids take the controls and drive the cart, this is illegal and will result in you having problems with the island Police so please avoid allowing your child to drive the Golf Cart.

So your all set and have rented your Golf Cart and are ready to explore the island.

There are 2 directions to choose from, head north of town or South of Town


It is real easy navigating as there are only 2 roads leading out of town one is heading north the other south. As you head north of town you will quickly get to the bridge that crosses the river that separate’s North Ambergris Caye from South Ambergris Caye. Crossing the Bridge is easy and will cost you $5 Belize dollars toll each way ($2.50 US)

Once you are over the bridge, follow the road and enjoy the views as you pass island homes and see different birds and lizards. It’s a peaceful beautiful drive. Pretty soon you will see signs for the Palapa Bar and grill and this is a great opportunity to stop for refreshments.

The Bar is located on the dock up the stairs, one of the nice things you can do here to cool off is jump in the water at the end of the dock and grab an inner tube and sit in it and chill out. Call up to the bar and they will send down an ice cold beer or soda in a bucket.

As you head further north there will be spots where it is not developed and you won’t want to go much more further north than Captains Morgan’s resort as the road can get bad.

A stop for Lunch is normally in order and a great place to stop is either Capt Morgan’s using it as your final destination or just turn around and head back to town stopping at Legends Burger House which will be located on your right hand side on the way back to town.

They offer a wide array of delicious burgers and it’s a favorite hangout for locals on the island.


Heading south of town is another option for exploring the island and south is a lot more developed than the North route. The road is paved so be careful of your speed even in a Golf Cart as there will be children and pedestrians as you head south.

Another option for unique and interesting lunch is at the Sunset Grill located on the back side of the island here you can enjoy a delicious lunch or dinner and can also feed the HUGE Tarpon that will come to the little dock. Tarpon are a prized Sports fish and can reach over 200 pounds in weight. It’s a great experience and also a great unusual photo opportunity.

Heading south you will pass lots of resorts and private homes as you head farther from town, eventually you will come to the WASA water plant and a big inland lake. This is another spot where you can check out the wildlife however you need to be a bit careful here as you can view the giant Salt water Crocodile.

The pond has resident Crocodiless that live in it and over the years some kids have been feeding them and they have become accustomed to humans. It is now illegal to feed them but you can still see them if you keep your eyes open. Dusk is the best time but it’s also the best time for Mosquitoes so be sure to take repellant with you.

Please note, it is illegal to feed the Crocodiles and dangerous also. By all means visit the pond but don’t feed them and stay clear of the shoreline.

The southern route allows for a lot longer ride than the north route simply because the road is much better.

So when you visit Ambergris Caye be sure to rent a Golf Cart for a couple of days and explore the island.

by Gaz Cooper