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Important Questions to Ask Before Getting Certified as a Scuba Diver Learning scuba diving is important if you want your dreams of an underwater adventure to come true. If you earn a scuba diving certification, then this is something that allows you to rent or purchase your own diving equipment and do your underwater adventures wherever you want because this is recognized internationally and does not expire. To prepare for this certification, one has to undergo scuba diving training from a reputable scuba diving school, and there are many of these that you can find to prepare for the license. It is good to enroll in a company that will provide your with a great learning experience and one with a known reputation of honesty, integrity and reliability. Below are some considerations you need to make when choosing the company to get your certification from. You get a scuba certification based on your performance and not on the number of hours it took you to finish your scuba requirements. You will be the one to determine how fast you can get the certification and going from one level to the next is based on your pace alone. In advertisements you will find that they estimate about three days to complete the training and obtain certification. But this may not be realistic for some, and four days for certification is a much realistic goal. Cheap charging companies for scuba certification might not be reliable enough to trust. If you feel that the amount advertised is way too cheap, then make sure to inquire for hidden charges like charges for books and scuba equipment rental. Choose an all inclusive certification course for your family. Remember that you will only get what you pay for.
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If the company is willing to give references from among the newly graduated students of the company, ask for a phone or email reference. Go somewhere else if the company is not able to give you references to their business. The best scuba certifications companies are more than willing to provide you with their references because they nothing to hide from you anyway.
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Scuba certification instructors are hard to find, especially those that have an extensive resume of experiences teaching scuba certification. There is a high turnover of scuba instructors to staff in most dive shops. Do not allow them to give you a fairly new instructor because if you want quality training, the instructor should have taught for a year and have certified at least 25 students. Get an instructor who also has a scuba diving certification. A reputable dive operation gives student discounts to future diving activities and equipment purchases you make from them in appreciation for taking their certification course.