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The Process of Getting a Scuba Diving Certification. Swimming under the water and using special diving equipment is call scuba diving. Scuba Diving is a fast growing industry which attracts millions of people every year to enjoy this adventure. A certificate is required for you to pass as a qualified diver. They need to go to school. The schools need to be certified. The organizations control and support the marine environment and also making sure that the schools attended by the divers produce very well certified scuba divers. After the learning the course the trainee gets the certificate. Only after qualifying is when the diver is allowed to go and get the diving equipment and also the license. Several schools are offering this course and therefore you can choose from the variety. The way of training in the schools might vary, but the course is the same.
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The trainee has to go through the theory part. On the introduction theory part the scuba diver learns the safety skills and the basic concepts. The diver is taken through the safety precautions through training videos. The divers are taught how to use hand signals to pass information. The scuba introduced to the diving equipment that they will soon put into use after the training. The Relation between Pressure and depth is introduced during the theory lessons. You learn how to use the dive tables to plan a dive, how to maintain and assemble the scuba equipment.
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Scuba’s learn on how to breathe under the water. The scuba is introduced on how to breathe under the water through practical lessons. You get to use the equipment to practice your enthusiasm and the surfacing skills. The diver practices the skills with the help of an instructor until you gain the confidence and dive well with ease in the actual situation. The divers are exposed to the real situations by doing practice. After all the above and passing all the tests the scuba is awarded with the scuba diving certificate. Some of the best and certified agencies are PADI ,SSI, YMCA and NAUI. School where you will get your course from, will be allied with one of the agencies, and that’s where you will receive your certificate. When you are planning to take this course there are certain requirements, age being one of them, if you are below 15 years you learn the PADI Junior course, which is for the juniors, and you get the junior open water diver certification. 12 years and above you train for the NAUI Certificate. Being comfortable in the water and also physically fit is another requirement. You should be able to Swim for at least 200 yards and float for about ten minutes for you to qualify in taking the diving course.