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Features of Single Speed Bikes that Make it Fun to Use If you go to a store to buy a bike, you will find two different bike groups available. You can bike geared bikes which is a display of the marvels in technology with their gears. On the other hand, there are simple ones without the gears that characterize the other group and we call these the single speed bike. Every biker has his own preference and whether you get a geared one or a single speed bike, each of these types have their own advantages and disadvantages as well. People should buy bikes according to what is comfortable to them. Bikers buy geared bikes for a lot of reasons but our focus today is why buying a single speed bike is great too. Here are some reasons why you should get a single speed bike. A single speed bike is a lot cheaper than a geared bike and is one of the main reasons why people buy it. Geared mechanisms make a bike more expensive and thus without it, the bike will cost less. Single speed bikes are ideal for people who are low in budget. Giving it a try will convince you if this is really what you want. If you like the feel of having just a single speed then go ahead and make the purchase. People like single speed bikes because it is very easy to use. It can be compared to driving an automatic car where you don’t have to bother about changing gears. With automatic cars you just step harder to go faster. Single speed bikes work in the same manner. You have to pedal faster if you really want to go very fast.
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A single speed bike is very light. They are very much lighter than geared bikes. Despite being light, single speed bike speed are not better than geared bikes because it simply depend on how fast you pedal your bike. It is however beneficial if you have to transport your bike somewhere.
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IT is fun to use single speed bikes with freewheel. You can coast with it after pedaling as much as you can. Perhaps you have tried coasting with the cool wind blowing on your face; it is such a great experience. A single speed bike is also good for workouts in a certain terrain. It is easy to maintain them because they have a simple mechanism. They are also very durable as long as they don’t fall often from great heights. Single speeds are great for biking fun. It’s not as practical as geared bikes but it makes for great recreation and exercise. Go for single speed with freewheel for more biking fun. Those with no freewheel are called fixed-gear bikes. They are also fun to use but not adaptive different terrain.