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How to Find Golf Trolley Reviews Walking more than 5 miles of golf greens with a golf bag around 35 pounds is a big deal and it can hurt your shoulder greatly. Carrying a heavy golf bag can place unnecessary stress on muscles that are needed for optimum performance. You don’t need to argue the question of whether to buy a trolley or not because you need to and the question now is what kind of trolley you are going to buy. It can also strain your muscles is you use a push-pull trolley on a hilly course especially when you need to walk uphill. Think about the course terrain, think about pushing up a 35 pounder bag going uphill? IF the incline is really steep you would rather wish to carry the bag yourself. The push-pulley trolley is ideal for flat courses. The push-pull trolley used on hilly terrain will give unnecessary strain on some parts of your body. Golfers who don’t want to go through all the trouble setting up their trolleys should get one that is easy to go. Most push trolleys are easy to set up because their structure is very simple. If you get a battery type trolley, you need to go to the trouble of making sure that it is charged and you need to keep track of its battery life while playing, and it is not capable of connecting them when you need to recharge.
How to Achieve Maximum Success with Golf
Battery weight and size affects the how you handle a trolley. By comparison, the push trolley does not have to carry the weight of a battery and a motor, much more an additional gear when you choose those four wheeler types.
How I Achieved Maximum Success with Golf
Although four wheeler trolleys are stable, they are heavy in weight. With a four wheel trolley space is consumed like when you put it in your vehicle trunk together with your gold clubs and other personal belongings or when you have to store it at home or in your office. An enthusiastic golfer would also want to purchase other accessories that will be useful for the game like an umbrella, a scorecard holder than can be affixed on your trolley, bottle clamps, GPS holder, travel bag, cooler bag, rain cover, and other things. If you purchase a push trolley which is cheaper than the electric one then you can use the money you save for all these important extras. Aside from the differences already mentioned, you also need to consider the amount of energy you will need to expend when golfing. You don’t need to expend much effort on electric trolleys and most even come with remote control.