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Charity Run for ALS This Thanksgiving In the United States there are holidays all year round that people look forward to. There are many Americans who enjoy these holidays. This is because a holiday is first and foremost a non-working day for most people. In short, that simply means that they are free on these days. There are actually different holidays scattered throughout the year. The most famous ones would be Christmas and New Year holidays. There are a lot of celebrations going on during this time of the year. Apart from Christmas and New Year, another famous American holiday is Thanksgiving. This is a holiday that is only celebrated in the United States because it is part of their history. This public holiday was taken from the concept of the harvest festival practiced by the pilgrims then in America. Then one of the presidents turned the tradition of harvest festival into a public holiday. So what do Americans usually do in this kind of holiday? One of the most common ways of doing so is by sharing a meal with one’s loved ones on this day. The women, usually mothers, do the marketing and cooking of the meal that will be served and eaten on this day. The centrepiece of the meal would usually be the turkey with stuffing. Having Thanksgiving dinner is the most common thing that Americans do to celebrate this public holiday.
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Keep in mind thought that you are certainly not only limited to the dinner as your way of celebrating this holiday. If you are interested to try out a new activity, you may want to look at the Thanksgiving Day run organized for ALS in San Diego. But first do you know about ALS? This is a disease that makes the muscle neurons degenerate over time. Some symptoms include slurred speech, weakness in legs, clumsiness and fatigue in muscles. Most people with ALS are between the ages of 40 and 60. The loss of muscles will ultimately result to the disability of the person. There is also currently no cure for this disease. But there are researches continually being done in order to find a cure.
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And one way to help fund this research is to join this fun run. There is no need to be a trained runner in order to join. The only thing needed from you is your willingness to participate in this cause. The bonus is that you get to exercise your body as you donate. There are different lengths of distances for different kinds of runners. For the newbies you have the 3k and 5K runs and for the advanced, the 21k and above distance. When you register for the event, you will get your T-shirt and other things. You can easily get more information about the run by looking it up online.