Potential Benefits of Mountain Biking

Biking can be a great way to get some exercise without subjecting your body to high-impact exercises like running, which makes it suitable for a lot more people. When it comes time to choose a bike, options include road bikes and Mountain Bikes. There are some advantages to each type of biking and some that both types of biking have in common.

Burns Calories and Improves Cardiovascular Health

A person weighing about 160 pounds will burn approximately 292 calories per hour even when biking at a leisurely pace of less than 10 miles per hour. This can be helpful for people trying to maintain their weight or lose weight. People who want to go fast on a smooth surface will prefer road bikes, while those who want to be able to ride off-road in a more technically challenging route will prefer mountain biking. Mountain biking tends to give a better workout overall and use more muscle groups than road biking, but both can provide excellent workouts. The steep climbs work the heart hard, while the downhill periods give you a rest that makes it possible to bike for a longer time overall. It’s a similar workout to interval training in that respect. Biking for just 20 miles per week may lower heart disease risk by 50 percent.


Road biking is by definition on or next to the road. This means you’re biking next to cars and having to breathe in their exhaust. With mountain biking, you get to have a lot fresher air and be surrounded by more trees, quiet, solitude and scenic variety. This can make it a more pleasant experience for many people. The more fun a workout is, the more you’re likely to stick with it.

Stress Relief

Biking has been found to be excellent for stress reduction, which can also lead to reductions in blood pressure and increases in overall healthiness. Part of this is due to the need for mindfulness, especially when mountain biking. You need to pay close attention to the trail and what you’re doing to avoid accidents, which means you aren’t going over your troubles in your mind as you go.

Can Be Social

Mountain biking can also be a social activity, and socializing is good for your health. It also makes life more enjoyable, just like biking. Join a mountain biking club or group to find people to ride with.