Benefits of Victory Softball and Baseball Uniform

Victory Custom Athletic, Inc. has since 1988, specialized in manufacturing custom baseball uniforms and softball uniforms through their Los Angeles based manufacturing operation. The company provides a lifetime construction warranty to support their claim to have the highest quality baseball jerseys and baseball pants, softball jerseys and softball pants, and basketball uniforms within the entire athletic uniform industry.

The increasing number of professionals and people who swear by the Victory baseball uniforms and softball uniforms stands testimony to their quality and the comfort they provide. The Victory trademark has grown in stature significantly since 1988 and this is not just due to advertising and marketing initiatives. On the contrary, the ever-rising popularity can be attributed to due to the word-of-mouth praise of numerous satisfied customers; the friendships and relationships the company has established with coaches and players; referrals from these same individuals; and most importantly from the incredible loyalties of their customer base.

Victory has been the custom uniform supplier to some of the finest and most successful baseball and softball teams, including independent professional organizations, college, high school and travel teams. From these relationships, we have formed advisory boards comprised of a virtual “Who’s Who” within baseball, softball and basketball at all levels.

The company’s ability to get to the grassroots programs for baseball, softball and basketball has created name recognition for its product line early on for the young athletes adorned in Victory apparel. This continues to feed to the growth as well, as both coaches and players alike advance in their athletic careers. The company’s first impression has almost always been a lasting one.

In addition, the Victory label has been associated with successful athletic programs from coast-to-coast, and include College World Series Champions (USC, Rice), to NCAA Softball World Series top finishers (Stanford, Hawaii), to ASA Travel Team National Champions and Top Ten finishers every year since Victory softball started in 1999, to National High School Baseball Champions (Chatsworth CA, The Woodlands, TX) and numerous League, State and Regional Champions in numbers too large to mention. All of these programs having recognized that playing well and looking good go hand-in-hand.

The company’s product line has been endorsed by current and former Major Leaguers, as well as some of the finest college baseball and softball coaches to ever hit the diamond. Not to mention, being the exclusive supplier to several independent Minor Leagues and the U.S. Military Baseball All-Stars, by far America’s real team. The Victory Advisory Boards and Press Releases speak for themselves.…

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The Benefits of Summer Basketball Camps

Summer basketball camps are one the best places for our young aspiring athletes to improve on their basketball skills, gain a better understanding of the sport and an even greater appreciation of the good moral values that comes with the sport. Basketball camps are also a great way to introduce all the new comers to one of the greatest sport ever played in the world.

During their stay in these facilities they will all enjoy a fun, intense and vigorous training. Every aspect of the game will be tackled during their summer training making sure that all the trainees will gain new athletic prowess and abilities, responsibility, sportsmanship and a deeper understanding of teamwork. Also it’s a great way for our young athletes to meet and greet new friends who shares a common love of the game. The fun activities and workout drills will also help those children who need to get in better shape and at the same time improving their self-discipline and increasing their self-confidence as well.

These summer basketball camps will focus on every aspect of the game. Each child will learn the basics of the beloved sport of basketball. Their ball handling skills will be one of the main focuses of the training course, an intensive one handed ball control training drill and one handed moves will give our aspiring athletes an advantage and a deeper sense how to play the game properly. This is just one of the trainings your children will gain, for each day they will learn more and more of the skills they will need in order to be a responsible honest and a well-developed athlete.

The staff members of the summer basketball camps will our athletes the drive and motivation they need to improve themselves both physically and mentally giving them the edge they need in this competitive sport. The camp counselors will help each camper even those who might need special attention. They will be given extra attention trough one on one counseling by doing so they may identify what the child needs to improve on and help them gain more confidence trough dedication and hard work.

Each facility has a group of professional staff members on board with occasional guest speakers to teach and motivate every young aspiring athlete on camp. Each of the staff members are all trained in basketball and physical exercises to insure that during the campers stay on summer basketball camps they will experience a fun and learning environment.…

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Football Vs Soccer – How They Are Related, and How They Are Not

Two of the most beloved sports Football and Soccer have much in common. Lately, many are wondering why there is such an international pull for soccer while football remains an American sport. This articles intent is to bring out some of the similarities and differences between soccer and football based on: history, team size, and fan size.

History: Football vs. Soccer

Football is actually a relative from soccer. Though the date is unsure of when the sport was first known to be played, there were many professional teams starting to spring up in the late 1800s. It was not that much different from its closer cousin rugby, but was showing some far different plays from soccer already.

Here is an interesting fact. Soccer or “football” as is as known in most European and South American Countries is actually the founder of both rugby and football. The major disconnections occurred when the rules for soccer changed to a “no hands” rule. At this point rugby was born. Later as rugby split into two different kinds of play: traditional rugby which allows drop kick goals and more footwork, and American football which has kickoffs and field goals (reminiscent of its soccer days) tackling and hand offs (similar to rugby) and forward passing, options, and other additions.

Soccer on the other hand has a long history, according to the Munich Ethnological Museum there is a Chinese text dated around 50 B.C. talking about “soccer” games in china. Though it is unsure how similar these games were to what we know as soccer today.

Team Size: Football vs. Soccer

There is a tremendous size difference between football and soccer. In football you not only have players that make up a team, but you have specific teams within your team. There are three major teams that consist of a football team: The offense, the defense, and special teams. Each one has a specific objective. The offense with a quarterback, receivers, and guards’ objective are to score touchdowns, while the defensive team’s job is to stop the opposing team from scoring by tackling the quarterback, runners, or blocking passes. Special teams deal with punts, field goals, and kickoffs. All in all there are anywhere from 30 – 60 players that combine to make a football team.

Soccer is a continuous sport. Meaning unlike football where you have set plays and an offensive and defensive team, in soccer the ball is always going. That being the case there are still offensive and defensive parts to the play of soccer. One can tell whether a team is on the offensive or defensive by where the ball is on the field. If the ball is on your side of the field then you are on defensive, if it is on your opponent’s side then you are on the offensive.

Fan Size: Football vs. Soccer

Determining which sport has a greater or more loyal fan base is difficult. Here in the United States American football by far has the larger …

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Becoming A Sports Investor

To began, it is extremely crucial to approach sport investing with realistic expectations and goals. A sports Investor simply needs to register a winning accuracy rate of 52. 4% to be successful and stay profitable. While the majority eventually don’t succeed in hitting the 52% threshold, it is a task that can be done if you’re dedicated and disciplined. To be more precise, if your intention is to become an effective sports investor, you will simply have to follow basic rules which comprise proper money management and being able to pick winners.

If you’re only interested in sports investing as a way to get rich quick then I would suggest you to look elsewhere because that will most likely not happen for you. To be frank with you, there’s no short cut in this industry and all the professionals will tell you sports investing is more like running a marathon than a sprint. Patience and long termed planning is necessary to come out on top. The idea is to win just enough bets to slowly build up your account on a month to month basis. As long as you’re in profit at the end of each month or week, nothing else should really matter.

By looking hard enough on the internet, you will come across more than a few handicappers who have great winning percentage when it comes to betting on sports, but their downfall is their inability to control the amount of money they are placing on each bet. This is where money management is so essential if you wish to always stay profitable and not lose money. No matter how good the odds looks, you must stay discipline enough to bet the same amount of money on every games and this amount should be no less or no more than 2% of your total bankroll. That surely means that if you have $1000 on your betting account, the amount of money you should place on each bet is $20.

The hardest part in becoming a successful sports investor is to understand how to correctly pick winners consistently. For this, you will need to do your homework and properly handicap each games that fits into your betting strategy.

When it comes to handicapping or analyzing games to bet on, there are more than a few ways to go about it effectively. I may go more into details about specific handicapping strategies but that may be for the next article since this one is getting a bit too long. But the bottom line concerning handicapping games is that you need to stay inform about the specific games you believe offers you the best chance for success.…

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Low Top Boxing Shoes Vs High Top Boxing Shoes

Something to consider when shopping for boxing shoes that will fit you best is whether they are low tops or high tops. There are few differences between the two but only you will be able to tell which ones will work out best for you and your game. While the best way to know what feels great on your feet is to actually try a few pairs on, there are some things that may help you along the way to making the right choice.

Low top shoes are typically made from leather with suede tops that are ankle height. They look a lot like regular running shoes except these boxing shoes have straps that support the foot�s lateral arches. These straps offer the maximum amount of safety. They come with rubber soles or a slip free pattern so that your footholds can be strong enough as well as enabling you to make sharp cuts. Both men and women can enjoy these shoes as they are manufactured for both in all sizes and colors.

High top shoes are made to lace up the shins. Made of material that is all leather, they offer the maximum in comfort and ventilation. With amazing lateral support, these shoes assist boxers in executing the side to side and front to back movements. These boxing shoes generally are made with non-slip rubber soles to get the best traction available. This compensates for the missing tread. These shoes typically have laces but they can also come with Velcro straps at the ankles. This offers the maximum in security.

It is easy to see that the higher the tops, the more support the ankles get. These are the shoes that most serious boxers or kick boxing students choose as they need that extra ankle support when doing their fancy foot work or kicks. …

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Three Reason to Wear Football Gloves

Do you play football and need protection for your hands and fingers? Maybe your hands need weather protection or your just need something that will give you a better grip on the ball. Football Gloves is the answer!

There are many reasons that players wear football gloves. Here are three reasons why a player will wear football gloves.

  1. The most important purpose of football gloves is to provide the player with a firm grip on the ball. On a hand off or catching the ball with sweaty hands makes the ball slippery. Running backs and receiver's gloves may be a bit sticky in the palm area. Basically to have a better grip on the ball.
  2. Gloves also give protection to the hands. On some pass plays, the force of the ball is strong enough to cause abrasions and cuts to the hands. When players on defense or offense are down in the clinches they need protection from helmets, face masks and from their hands getting stepped on from cleats. These gloves are designed to give this added protection.
  3. Players also wear glove for weather protection. When it is raining or snowing, that's enough cause for a slippery situation between player's hands and the ball. First, the ball has to come from the center to the quarterback. Second, from the quarterback to the running back or receiver. Gloves keep your hands and finger dry and warms and give them flexibility so players can have a better grip on the ball.

Football gloves come in different styles for certain position. Quarterbacks, receivers, corner and running backs wear regular style gloves. Defensive and offensive of linemen normally wear gloves with the fingertip cut out but thicker padding. These gloves are made by companies like Nike, Reebok and Under Armour. It's up to you to choose the correct pair that fits your needs. …

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10 University of Georgia Quirks, Facts and Traditions

o “The Arch,” an iron gate found on everything from the UGA logo to t-shirts is representative of the Arch on campus which was an original gateway to the school. Legend has it that if a freshman walks under The Arch during his first year, he will never graduate.

o When the UGA Bulldogs have won a home football game, the school’s Chapel Bell traditionally rings until midnight. Except when Georgia beats Georgia Tech, one of their biggest rivals- then the bell rings the entire night! In the old days, it was the job of freshmen to do the hard work of ringing the bell- today, fans, students, and alumni all take turns.

o During the 2007 Season, the bell was ringing after UGA’s defeat over the University of Florida, when the 877 pound bell fell. It has since been returned to the platform.

o The Bulldogs like to get their opponents ‘Between the Hedges.’ This is a reference to the hedges that grow all the way around the playing field of Sanford Stadium, and dates back to the 30’s, when a sports writer made the reference.

o In 1939, Coach Wally Butts decided silver pants would pair well with red jerseys- thus began the start of the Bulldog’s ‘silver britches.’ Although Coach Vince Dooley changed the pants to white for several years, the silver britches were brought back in 1980, and were worn during the school’s National Championship season.

o UGA has a student ID card and travels in his own dog house- with air conditioning! Because bulldogs are susceptible to heat stroke, he spends football games perched on bags of ice. If opposing teams get to close to his precious ice, he growls ferociously. He’s a tough pup, who wears a jersey with a Varsity letter and a spiked collar.

o The costumed bulldog mascot is called ‘Hairy Dawg.’

o Football players go through the ‘Dog Walk,’ which features players walking through crowds of fans on their way into Stanford Stadium, led by the Redcoat Band.

o Georgia’s original colors included ‘old gold,’ until the intense rivalry between Georgia Tech and Georgia resulted in a skirmish over colors- Georgia students declared yellow an unfit color for the Georgia Bulldogs, deeming it a cowardly color, and yellow was removed- and Crimson (also referred to as ‘Good old Georgia Red) and black have been the official colors ever since.

o College Football was nearly outlawed in 1987, after UGA Quarterback Richard Gammon was injured so severely in a game against the University of Virginia, he died as a result. In those days, players did not wear helmets. Football was immediately disbanded in schools across Georgia, and just as the Georgia Legislature was gearing up to formally outlaw college football, Richard’s mother wrote a letter, published in newspapers, asking the legislature to save football, saying it was her son’s most cherished object.” The ban was defeated, and college football in Georgia survived! Today, visitors to Rome, Georgia, Gammon’s hometown, can stop …

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California Kids Getaways, From Horses to Innertubes

California has its theme parks, but where can you take the kids in California besides the usual trips to Disneyland or SeaWorld?

Here are three examples of great getaways for holidays, or for any other time of year that you can take the kids along.

San Francisco

San Francisco has a plethora of attractions for the small-fry ranging from theme parks to museums to aquariums to islands where you can enjoy great hikes and spectacular views of the bay. While many see San Francisco as a romantic city, the truth is you can have just as much fun when you take the kids along.

Start by booking a Kids Suite, like the one we reserved at the Hotel Union Square in the heart of the city. It’s not likely you’re going to see a bunch of kids running through the hallways, or teens congregating in the lobby. This is a more sophisticated hotel that just happens to offer some of its accommodations in a special format that appeals to families.

While parents will love the fact that this is a boutique hotel – with all the extras that the term implies such as brick walls, mosaic murals, warm colors and stylish furnishings – the kids who share the Kids Suite with Mom and Dad are in for an extra special treat. The suite actually is a spacious high-ceiling corner room that has been subdivided into a parents area and a kids area. A free-standing partition also serves as a storage device where games, toys, dolls and anything your kids could want are ready to use anytime.

There is a bed for the kids, and on the kids desk is a Mac computer ready to fire up and play games on the internet. But the piece de resistance is the 47″ flat panel HD TV hanging on the wall with a Wii game system attached – an incredibly fun diversion for kids and adults alike. The Wii system lets you play tennis, baseball or golf or other sports by holding remote controls in your hands and “hitting” the ball with the same physical movements you would use in the real sport. We literally spent hours playing these games with our eight-year-old – one of the most unusual and fun experiences we’ve ever had with our kids in a hotel room.

When you do venture outside, there are many family activities in the city, especially near Fisherman’s Wharf and Pier 39: Aquarium by the Bay, an arcade-like atmosphere and real up-close animals such as the sea lions lounging by the pier. From here, you can take a ferry to Angel Island, a popular island where visitors hike trails and visit more than 100 historical buildings. Another great attraction in the city is the hands-on science center called the Exploratorium, located near the Presidio at the end of the waterfront near the Golden Gate Bridge. And then there’s Golden Gate Park, where there is a children’s playground including a restored carousel, Alcatraz Island, …

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Four Different Baltimore Pro Football Teams Have Won Championships

Winning the championship is the primary goal of any football team, or any sports team at all really. There is only one reason to go out and play and that is to win the championship. A championship season is not only rewarding to the players that duke it out on the field, but also to the fans that root them on. Cities and regions should be very proud of their championship winning teams.

Baltimore is a great football town and professional football has been present there in one form or another for more than 60 years. Many people do not know this, but four different professional football teams have won championships while representing the city of Baltimore.

The Baltimore Ravens – 2000
The last Baltimore team to win a league title in pro football was the team that currently represents the city in the NFL, the Baltimore Ravens. The Ravens began as a franchise in 1996, having been active as the Cleveland Browns the previous year. They had a few tough years, but in 2000 everything came together behind a strong running game and an out of this world defense. They ended up defeating the New York Giants 34-7 in Super Bowl XXXV.

The Baltimore Colts – 1958, 1959, and 1970
The Baltimore Colts won championships three times. In 1958, they defeated the New York Giants for the NFL title in what many would refer to as the greatest game ever played. After trailing most of the 1959 title game, the Colts would eventually score 24 unanswered points and defeat the Giants in a rematch of the previous year's championship game by the score of 31-16. The Colts won their third league title in 1970 when they beat the Oakland Raiders in Super Bowl V by the score of 27-17. Technically, the Colts have a fourth title as they were champions of the NFL in 1968, but went on to lose Super Bowl III to the New York Jets of the American Football League before the two leagues merged.

The Baltimore Stars – 1985
The Stars franchise had played the first two seasons of their time in the USFL in the city of Philadelphia. The team was moved to Baltimore for 1985 and though they were not as successful as they had been in the past, they were able to make it into the playoffs. The magic was still there though and they marched through the post season and would win the last championship game in USFL history by defeating the Oakland Invaders.

The Baltimore Stallions – 1995
The Canadian Football League expanded into the United States in the mid 1990's, and one of the cities that got a team was Baltimore. In 1995, their second season, the Baltimore Stallions not only won their division, but they became the first team based in America to win the Grey Cup as champions of the Canadian Football League. The team was gone the next year as they were moved to Montreal and …

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Don’t Aim for the Ribs – Boxing How To Guide on the Right Hook Body Shot

Another in our series of boxing how to guides on body punching, this one examining the right hook (or back hand hook) to the body.

Knowing how to throw a right hook to the body enables you to deliver massive power to a very specific and precise location; the soft tissue below the ribs on the left side of the opponent’s body. It is worth understanding that you are not aiming for the ribs. The rib cage is by design a tough structure. For maximum impact it’s far better to take the path of least resistance and strike the soft tissue.

In general, and depending upon your position in relation to your opponent, this body punch is designed to hit the spot behind the guarding arm of the opponent. Precision is great, but raw power and aggression is the trick to knowing how to get the most from this crushing body punch.

Before we get onto the mechanics of how to throw the right hook to the body, you need to be aware that this is not a right uppercut. I’m sure plenty will decide that this is an uppercut, but really it is not. There is a subtle difference between a short range hook and a short range uppercut, with the uppercut to the body striking home in the center of mass. Understand this difference and it will have a positive impact on your body punching skills.

Boxing How to Guide – The Mechanics

  1. From the boxing stance, bend your knees in order to lower your centre of gravity. This is quite simply a duck, which aside from being a defensive action also acts as a precursor to a body strike.
  2. As the duck is taking place, generate an explosive thrust by pushing from the ball of your back foot. This thrust provides the energy to deliver massive rotation of the upper body (counter-clockwise from the orthodox stance).
  3. The bend of your front leg (from the duck) enables the necessary amount of hip rotation. Without the bend, your hips will complete maybe only 25% of the rotation necessary to give the punch the required power on impact.
  4. During the rotation, release your back hand in an arc at an angle of 45 degrees to the ground. Ensure that the punch accelerates towards the target to add to the massive leverage produced during the rotation; this is how you will maximize the power.
  5. Return your arm and body to the starting position as per the boxing stance.

Boxing How to Guide – Common Faults

  1. Be aware of your range. Be sure that if you use this punch at a longer range the opponent is vulnerable to it. In short, the further you are away from the opponent when using this shot, the greater the risk of you taking a punch before yours lands. Reduce the risk of a long range ‘bombing’ with this punch by stepping in with a jab ahead of letting loose with the hook to the body.

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