Streamlight Flashlights

The Best StreamLights for the Right Flashlight Jobs!

Flashlights are the most important investigative equipment especially in dark places and at night so that it is most essential to choose the right type of flashlights in the market. Companies like Streamlight and several others manufacture good product range of highly efficient flashlights for users to take advantage and ensure safety in all their activities. The choice of flashlights depends on the environmental need of illumination and one needs to think carefully of the parameters that govern these needs.

Salient Features of Flashlights

Batteries – whether conventional dry cells or rechargeable types are the heart of flashlights and their choice must be well made. Though these batteries are cheaper in the first instance their more frequent discharging and replacement could run your costs higher in the long run. The rechargeable battery types though more expensive to begin with can give longer life and more stable voltage, thereby ensuring safer operations for the flashlights.

Safety is of paramount importance in cell flashlights. It does not matter what type of batteries you are using but the proper care in design and usage ensures the safest operation.

Streamlight flashlights are also characterized by the light output and central focus light intensity. The light output in lumens determines the amount of light emitted by the bulb. The light intensity or central focus measured in candela units determines how bright the light is when reflected to a point focus. Both factors are important in specifying the streamlight flashlight’s efficiency. Many factors govern the light beam properties and a complex relationship exists between several parameters. What remains important is that the streamlight flashlights are used by people who know that the performance will not let them down at the nick of the moment and the construction or spares are so designed that availability cannot ever be a problem.

Few Important Applications of Streamlight Flashlights

These robust flashlights are used in several applications like law enforcement, industrial uses, fire rescue operations, sporting industry, automotive usage, and military uses.

Several models are available for the law enforcement personnel and a large number of them consider these flashlights an indispensable commodity.

Fire fighting crew needs very stable and dependable flashlights for use in hazardous areas and these streamlight models help in making their jobs easier. The helmet flashlights, hand held models, swivel type headlights etc are just a few of the wide range available for our rescue teams.

The industrial sector is a vast user of flashlights in all types of plants and factories. Normal flashlights to penlights or helmet lights form the core of products meant for industrial applications. Equipment cleaning is a dark area process in many instances and it is imperative to use dependable flashlights that do not interfere with the operations but pave a way for illuminated cleaning actions.

Sports are another applications area that needs good flashlight assemblies. A variety of small, medium, large and sophisticated flashlights are available that cater to almost any sporting …

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Golf Carts – Why Walk When You Can Ride?

When shopping for a golf cart you should look for specific features that appeal to you. First of all you need to look for a golf cart model that will be big enough to accommodate your golf party. If you are a lone golfer or if you golf with a friend or significant other then a two seater is large enough for you, however, if you frequently golf with a group of four or more then you will need to select a model that can seat more people.

Style is also important. Every manufacturer offers different cart designs. You should select the design that reflects your personality, and that appeals to you. Also look for a design that won’t become dated too quickly. Finally look for a cart that offers you optional accessories and that also provides you with easy ordering options for golf cart parts and upgrades.

Yamaha is a manufacturer that produces golf carts. Their line includes the Drive and the U-Max. You can also buy custom golf carts and certified pre-owned golf carts. In addition to offering quality golf carts, Yamaha also offers a full line of golf cart parts, accessories, and towing equipment.

EZ Go is another golf manufacturer. Their line includes Fleet golf carts, Personal Golf Cars, Clays Cars, and previously owned golf carts. This company has been in the golf cart business since 1954, and now they are one of the largest golf cart companies in the world. Because of their international popularity, EZ Go golf cart dealers are fairly easy to find, no matter what state you live in.

In the early 1960s Club Car opened its doors and began manufacturing electric golf carts. In the 1980s this company expanded to gas powered golf carts. Today Club Car is a leader in revolutionary manufacturing processes. Their golf carts use ArmorFlex in the construction of their cart bodies. This material is flexible and lightweight, yet extremely durable. The color is also not sprayed on to the ArmorFlex, but it is instead molded directly into the panels. This means that you don’t have to worry about paint chips or scratches.…

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Real Leatherheads

Leatherheads, what exactly is a leatherhead?

Is it a movie starring George Clooney? Well, yes, that is one definition. The leatherheads I am talking about are actual players who wore the helmets we now refer to as ‘leatherheads’. We may very well thank the very popular movie for coining the phrase ‘leatherheads’ as I was unable to find historical references to the general public referring to early football players as ‘leatherheads’. However, there is some indication that the helmets themselves were referred to as leatherheads.

Leatherheads-The Early Years

The very first leather football helmet was worn in an 1893 Army-Navy game. An Annapolis shoe maker developed it for Admiral Joseph Mason Reeves who had been advised by a Navy doctor that he would risk death,insanity or paralysis should he take another blow to his head during a game. Later helmets improved design with padding, ear flaps and eventually face guards.

Padding but No Helmets

Players often devised their own method of padding the body and crude shoulder and hip pads were worn throughout the early years of football particularly in the early 1900’s. Helmets were a rarity to see on players and often some player wore them while others did not. In the 1920’s leather helmets became more accepted but were still not mandatory.


Early helmets had no identifying marks upon them whatsoever. As with all games, fierce competition and team pride resulted in some colleges and high schools to paint their helmets by hand. Certain colors or team mascots were eventually painted on to easily distinguish team players. Imagine being a quarterback attempting to find the receiver far down field with no identifying marks on the receiver! Imagine that being a mud game! how difficult that must have been especially if the receiver was well covered! Modern day players can thank the Rams for starting the painting of team logo’s on helmets. In 1948 the Rams horns were painted on team helmets and soon after all football helmets bore a teams logo or colors.

True Grit

While we cannot imagine playing a game of football without protective gear the era of ‘leatherheads’ shows the true grit those early players had. They took a beating week after week and often went to their regular jobs during the week. Their sheer determination and love of the game has given us the football we know today and thankfully our players are much more protected.

Leather Helmets Today

If you can find a leather helmet from that golden era you would be lucky! To find one that doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg would be an even bigger accomplishment. Finding images of ‘leatherheads’ can be difficult as well. International sports artist Andy Goralski has just finished a fine art piece titled “From Leather to Legendary’ that portrays the Acme Packers team with the infamous leatherhead helmets. In the back round is the legendary Lambeau Field in Green Bay showing off its newly renovated look. This fine art piece is available …

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How To Clean A Swimming Pool

Hayward Swimming pool house Pumps and Filters are a single of the reliable brands sold delivered repaired by Thailand Swimming Pool based in Surin province. Naarosh’s masterful designers can generate a pool scape specifically tailored to your backyard, style preferences, and family’s wants. The physique temperature reading depends upon the spot in the physique at which the measurement is made and the activity level of the individual. By avoiding these widespread swimming pool blunders, it is possible to sustain a protected pool with out wasting time, chemicals, or funds in the process. The shorter length is often the shallow play area, whereas the longer length is ideal for lap swimming.

These bacteria’s bear direct infections for humans as nicely as producing slippery waste on the bottom and walls of the pools and polluting the water. Reshaping and re-purposing a ship into a extension de maison I would hope would become a far more common occurrence around the world. Vinyl liners, for instance, last about 5 to 10 years, at which time they need to have to be replaced at a expense of about $4,000. When once again, as you add customizations into your pool design, you can count on it to add to your bottom line. A pool alarm, many occasions accessible via pool installers, works to send a warning signal in the event that somebody falls into the pool. It is quite important for keeping the swimming pool water top quality and balance.

Whether you want the bridge to provide a spot for meditation, reflection, and contemplation, or just to loosen up and unwind, a agrandissement maison bois bridge contributes to the overall ambience of your or garden. When budgeting for an indoor pool you also have to consider the expense of the developing itself, very comparable in cost to an extension. If it is a lot more for youngsters, then a modest and shallow pool will do. Lastly, if it really is all about luxury, then you may want a rounded or freeform pool with robust aesthetic appeal.

A backyard swimming pool is fantastic to use for workout due to the fact swimming burns fat and is a wonderful sport as you are hunting to construct a tiny swimming pool for your backyard, right here are some valuable ideas. We constructed a 38′ by 18′ pool and while it was enjoyable (it was deep in the center, and shallow at every single finish, creating it appropriate for water volleyball and water badminton) we could have gotten by with a much smaller pool. Little swimming pool expenses really affordable price and can be owned by anyone,who have small backyard.

With modern swimming pool filtration equipment now obtainable, you can use the very same water even up to two years as extended as you stick to the right water therapy and filtration procedures. This duck pool chlorinator does double duty as a solar light at night – now, how cool (or, er, vibrant…) is that! For example, say your property …

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How To Remove Stickers and Decals Off a Football Visor and Window of Your Car or Truck

Question: When putting decals on a Football Helmet Visor, how do you remove the black decals that come on the visor?

Answer: If the sticker or decal that is on the visor is an easy peel vinyl, it should remove easily, but if it’s a standard adhesive, it can be difficult to remove.

In this case, what you’d need to do is get a hair dryer and heat the decal up enough that it is quite warm – but not hot – to the touch. Once this is done, get a fingernail under one edge of the decal and slowly pull it off. Hopefully it won’t leave any adhesive behind.

If it does leave some adhesive behind, you can get “orange peel” glue removers from the hardware store or possibly a larger grocery store as well. Apply to a soft paper or cloth towel, then dab on the glue until it softens, then rub it until it comes off. Clean the remaining residue with a dry corner of the towel. This type of glue remover works well on most plastics I’ve used without dulling or clouding the finish of the plastic.

Question: I purchased a large decal to apply to the rear window of my car, and I was wondering if there is any product that could be applied to the rear window to make the sticker easier to remove, plus protect the window simultaneously?

Answer: Not that we’re aware of. In reality, the decal itself will protect your vehicle’s rear window quite well. And if you understand how glue works, you won’t need to worry about getting the decal back off.

Of course, now I’m going to tell you how to get window decals off your car windows or bumpers the easy way. Well, sort of easy.

Most window stickers of the exterior application variety will be printed on vinyl sticker material or polyester decal material. The glue typically used is an acrylic adhesive, which, over time, becomes hardened and more difficult to remove. If you’re purchasing wholesale decals for resale, it might be wise to look into removable glue decal materials which are becoming popular for this reason.

But no mind. In your case you’ve already purchased a large sticker for the back window of your car, and you’re nervous about damaging the window, either during the application or removal of the decal later. In neither case do you need to worry about the window.

When it comes time to remove the decal from your car or truck, get a heat gun or a hair dryer to warm up the decal. If you’re using a heat gun, the lowest heat setting should do the trick. If you are using a hair dryer, you’ll likely need to use the highest heat setting. With large stickers, you may need to heat a small section of the decal and work it off a section at a time, especially if it’s been on the rig for an extended period of time. Once …

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Wireless Headphones Uplifting their Usage in Sports

Recently wireless earbuds are able to provide full convenience of the regular earbuds along with the wireless such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi pairing with a source of the digital device.

Purpose of Sport Earphones

Nowadays sports headphones were an indispensable piece of equipment for every individual who is listening to music particularly they are so convenient for the usage of sports persons also. Generally, earbuds were called as miniaturized earphones which are serving to reproduce the music directly into ears from the music signal source from a small output power.

  • By using these sports headphones makes more compact and convenient for the usage.
  • Wireless earbuds require no cables or even wires for connecting to a music/sound source
  • Modern earphones which are now trending in the market will offer a multitude of different types & modifications of earphones, which will differ in their design, connection type & also features.
  • These sport headphones are having another feature also it will be a splendid fit for both the casual everyday wearing & wearing while doing fitness exercises & sports training also.

Main Features of the Wireless Headphones

  • If in case you have been decided to purchase a set of wireless earbuds, some of the features of the earbuds need to take into consideration. Initially, the objects sound quality is the primary concern. There are various parameters which influence this certain feature, like impedance of earbuds set, frequency range, sensitivity etc. Generally, all the earphones main feature is they intended for reproducing a hearing range of the sound record. This sound record general can be divided into low, middle & high range. In the selection process, the best scenario of selection is, wireless earbuds should reproduce the sound starting from the lowest register – 15 Hz till the high-frequency sound of the 25 kHz.
  • The frequency range of the wireless earbuds which a manufacturer specifies for the earbud set will determine its capability of a set to reproduce the sound signal in a specifically given range. The recommended frequency range for the earbuds is 20-20000 Hz.
  • The sensitivity & impedance parameters also come into an important play for the wireless earbud set if it is having a dedicated analog wire for the plugging directly into analog out.
  • Another important aspect which an individual needs to take into consideration is the Convenience of use. The convenience will be governed by the method of earbuds plugging into outer ear & attaching to ears or neck. Earbuds can be fit into ear auricles with a special flexible attachment called as ergonomic ear tips. This method will be more convenient for those who will wear hats & headwear, who are doing weightlifting or fitness training every day. Wearing this type of earbuds is a plus for the girls & guys who are having long hair as it will prevent up messing the hair up. To maintain the convenience of continuous use of the earbuds, one should seek for the earbuds models, ear hooks of which do not press

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Three Things Every Golf Cart Owner Needs

Owning a golf cart can be a lot of fun and a great convenience. Whether living on a golf course or using it on a job site, there are limitless uses for these handy vehicles.

Maintaining a golf cart however, can be a little trickier than the maintenance of a standard vehicle. While smaller and simpler than a car, information and parts can be much harder to find. With golf carts, there are no lube and maintenance shops or parts stores like there are for your car.

These hurdles can be solved, but it may take some planning on the part of the golf cart owner. When purchasing a cart, three principle items will make ownership a whole lot simpler.

1. An Owner's Manual
You may never read it for your car, but you'll definitely want one for your cart. Golf carts operate in ways completely different from cars and the same rules will not always apply. What makes sense on other vehicles may not apply to the golf car.

In addition, information on a particular cart can be very difficult to find, simply because there are fewer of them. The owner's manual may be your only reliable source of information on your particular model of golf car. When it comes to recommended parts and maintenance, the manual will be a great resource of information.

2. A Reliable Source of Parts
Golf cars require very specialized parts and unfortunately, your local auto parts store is not going to be much help. One of the largest heads many cart owners deal with is trying to track down quality parts at a good price.

The good news is there are now sources available on the web specifically for golf cart parts. These online stores have made finding parts for carts much easier. As with any online purchasing however, the buyer must be sure to choose a dealer that is reputable, fairly priced and offers a wide selection of quality golf cart parts.

3. Personalized Accessories
One of the best advantages of a cart is the ability to easily customize it to your exact needs. Whether for work or for fun, a golf car can be tailor to any situation. Those at work on a school campus will need absolutely different features than those on the country club fairways.

Like parts, accessories and customization options are now available through online dealers. Again, it is recommended that you use a highly reputable source for any cart purchases. High quality parts and accessories will last for many years to come and will cause much less frustration in the long run.

Armed with these three things, anyone can be ready for golf cart ownership. It may seem like a little more hassle at first to care for your cart, find information and locate parts, but once you've found a reliable source for each of these things, you'll be able to enjoy all the benefits of owning a Golf cart. …

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Not Any Usual Formula, Here’s How to Use Credit Cards Wisely and Right

If you are an employee that is for the first time have a credit card, you are certainly excited because it can use the card for your needs. However, you should be wise in using it. Why? There are at least three reasons. First, the credit card that is provided by many companies such is a debt that you must pay off. Second, interest rates are relatively high credit card each month (from 2.75 to 3%). Third, credit cards encourage you to consumptive lifestyles that have an impact on your financial resilience. The good news is, you can use credit cards wisely. To help you achieve this goal, the following 8 ways you should do.

  1. Expenditure according to plan

Familiarize yourself to shop according to plan. Wherever the shopping arcade, a spending plan will help you control your spending. For example, from your home had planned to use a credit card to buy a treadmill. When in the fitness equipment store, focus yourself to buy a treadmill.

Focusing on the spending plan is not easy. There’s always a temptation that increase your desire to buy. For example, promoted health sandals buy one get one free. If it occurred in the head to buy such goods, back to plan your shopping and remember that you need the money for other purposes.

  1. Avoid withdraw cash via credit card

One is the ease of a credit card can be used to withdraw cash from an ATM. Nonetheless, brace yourself for not taking advantage of it. The reason, withdrawing cash from credit cards are subject to interest of 4-5% per month. If your finances just enough for the monthly needs, of this interest will weigh yourself.

  1. Ignore the merchant deals

Credit card issuers generally cooperated with a number of merchants. The merchant has a number of clever ways to hook the owner of the credit card to shop at their place. For example, they send a special invitation with prizes of certain goods. Credit card owner must come to a merchant to get the goods. If you get a special invitation like that, just ignore it. Why? When you come to a merchant, you will be offered a variety of their products. Maybe you will buy one or more of their products because they feel uncomfortable already given away free stuff.I’ve experienced it. However, I learned from the absurdity of it. Now, when I received a special invitation from a particular merchant, I throw it into the trash invitation.

  1. Take advantage of credit cards to save money

If your employees who frequently travel outside the city for business or personal use, you can use credit cards to save money. For example, you can use the facilities of the airport lounge reward card for a free meal at the restaurant elite in the airport. Though not free, you can get a promo price of these foods. This method is risky at the consumer lifestyle. However, a little better and smarter than you eat at …

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Mustapha Wasajja – Uganda’s Mysterious Boxing Champion

Mustapha (Mustafa) Wasajja (Wassaja / Wassajja / Wasaja) was born on July 16, 1953 in Kampala, Uganda). As an amateur, Wasajja fought at welter-, light-middle-, and middle-weight. Wasajja, debilitated by weakness and shakiness for years, eventually succumbed to Parkinsonism on April 26 2009, near Kampala in Uganda

In the early 1970’s, Wasajja was under the tutelage of Uganda’s legendary and most famous coach Peter Grace Sseruwagi (Seruwagi) and national trainer Kesi Odongo (who at the 1962 Commonwealth Games held in Perth in Australia, won a a silver medal in the lightweight division). As a light-welterweight, Sseruwagi represented Uganda at the 1960 Olympic Games held in Rome but was eliminated outside medal contention. Long-time Uganda sports official and ex-Uganda army commander Francis (Frank) Nyangweso, a light-middleweight contender at that time, was also eliminated in the earlier bouts at the same Games.

Wasajja’s first distinguished international accomplishment came in the African Amateur Championships held in his native Uganda, in Kampala in November 1974. Wasajja won gold in the middleweight division. Gold medal wins by fellow countrymen James Odwori (Oduori), Ayub Kalule, Vitalis Bbege, Mohamed Muruli; together with silver medal wins by Ali Rojo and Jacob Odongo, further established two-time (1970 and 1974) Commonwealth boxing overall champion Uganda as international ring master. Earlier on in January 1974 at the Commonwealth Games in Christchurch, New Zealand, Wasajja, as Uganda’s middleweight, was in the quarter finals knocked out in the first round by Les Rackley of New Zealand.

And at the World Boxing Championships held in August 1974, Wasajja was outpointed in the quarter-finals by Dragomir Vujkovic of Yugoslavia. An upcoming major outing for the glorious Ugandans would have been at the 1976 Olympic Games in Montreal in Canada. Many African countries, including Uganda, boycotted these Games. Notable Ugandan boxers such as Wasajja, Ayub Kalule, and Cornelius Bbosa (Boza-Edwards), would henceforth move into the growing field of professional boxing. These were the seeds of the 1980’s golden era of Uganda boxing during which Ugandans, notably Ayub Kalule, Cornelius Boza-Edwards, and John “the Beast” Mugabi became professional world champions.

Of note is that a tune up for the 1976 Olympic Games included the international Pre-Olympic Boxing Tournament held in Montreal from November 27 to December 1, 1975. Uganda was represented by Wasajja (middleweight), hard punching and dreaded knockout specialist and Africa Champion Vitalis Bbege (welterweight), and Jacob Odonga (light-heavyweight). Only Wasajja emerged winner, while his counterparts were defeated in their finals. In the quarter-finals, Wasajja thoroughly outpointed Pietro Contarini of Canada. This was followed by Wasajja beating Jacobus Schmidt of Holland on points. The finals involved Wasajja beating Bryan Gibson of Canada by 4:1. Vitalis (Vitalish) Bbege was also scheduled to fight for Uganda at the upcoming but aborted Olympics. Bbege soon moved to West Germany (FDR) where he boxed as a club amateur and even represented Germany at a dual friendly with the United States. He is well settled in Germany with family and he is a fitness and boxing trainer in Flensburg.

Wasajja fought …

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The Fundamental Skills of Basketball

To get better skills in basketball players need to first understand and master the basics of the game.

In basketball, there are 6 different fundamental skill areas that players should concentrate on in training.


Dribbling the basketball is done to move the ball around only when a passing isn’t a better option and a lane isn’t available. Both new and experienced players make the mistake of dribbling the ball when it isn’t needed. Ask any collage or professional basketball coach – they will all tell you the same thing. Dribbling should be done when the player (you) have some purpose to forfill. Dribbling while looking for an offensive option is a good way to lose the ball. When you are looking for that option, take the ball in a firm grip and put your body between you and the defender. Regardless of how good you are at dribbling, the defense will always have a greater chance for a steal if you are dribbling the ball instead of gripping it in both hands.


Passing is the number 1 option for moving the ball around the court on offense. Passing is quicker than dribbling and so it is a deadly offensive tool for reaching that open man so they can have the shot. Good passes are the hallmark of good teams because most offensive plays are set up by good passes.


Shooting is probably the most practiced skill for new and experienced players. Yet so many people still practice it wrong. In practice all drills should be done at game speed and done as you would under pressure. Players are usually too lazy to do this and instead of practicing the sweet jump shot that they are constantly doing in the game they lazy-it-down to a hop-shot. Instead of jumping to give power they use their arms for the power and the legs give the rest. Practicing the wrong way to shoot is something that players do all the time yet they do not understand why they miss all their jump shots during the game…


Rebounding can come in two forms – offensive and defensive. Lots of newer player look at rebounding and immediately think that it is a big mans area. Yet this is not so. Rebounding is more than just being big. It even surpasses just jumping ability. To be good at rebounding you need skill and dedication. Skill is mainly the ability to position yourself and read the shots – something that comes quickly with practice. Dedication is probably the most important factor in rebounding. The person who gets the ball is the one with the most hunger for the ball and who is willing to do whatever it takes to get it.


Offense is a fundamental which encompasses all aspects of the offensive court. Shooting has already been covered (and is covered more in the basketball website listed below). Yet moving off the ball to give offensive options to the player with the …

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