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Choosing a Log Splitter

A lot of people are switching to burning firewood in their homes. Since trees can be replanted, firewood is a renewable energy source. In these times of uncertainty about global warming, switching to an environmentally friendly fuel source can be very beneficial. Since you are making the switch to firewood, you probably have questions about how to buy a good log splitter. Here in this short article, you will learn more about purchasing a log splitter. And if you are not quite sure if you should get one, then this article will help you decide.

Unless you have a large quantity of physical strength, chopping firewood is very physically draining. To make and maintain a fire, usually a large quantity of wood is required. Plus, the pieces must be of varying sizes so as to build up a small fire. The pieces must also be relatively even or you risk the chance of accidentally extinguishing your fire. Plus, it is also not fun to spend hours chopping wood in the dead of winter, when the firewood itself is most often needed. These are the reasons that a lot of wise individuals turn to purchasing a log splitter. Despite any misconceptions you might have, log splitters are actually very affordable.

So what exactly is a log splitter? Though it is considered a power tool, a log splitter is a relatively simple machine to understand. You may have heard it referred to as an electric ax. The wedge-shaped blade sits parallel to the ground and a moves horizontally against the wooden log in order to chop it. There are a few variations in terms of features, style, and power. To power the log splitter, there can be either an electric, gas, or hydraulic motor. Though they can be as tiresome as using an actual ax, there are also some manual log splitters on the market. You should also think about how much splitting force you need. The splitting force of the machine is called its RAM. If you are using the machine for a small home, then you really only need around 10 tons of RAM. On the other hand, professionals need around 30 tons of RAM. Professionals also might need to move the machine quite often, so they will want a portable log splitter. But if you do not anticipate moving the machine too often, you probably do not need large transport wheels.
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As you can see, your own personal requirements are the most important things to consider when buying a log splitter. After you know how you will use it, selecting the right log splitter is easy to do. The most popular log splitters will usually come with a topnotch warranty and service team. If you want to learn more about the different log splitter brands, there are a lot of review blogs available online.Looking On The Bright Side of Products