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THE EVOLUTION OF SMART HOMES The Smart homes are becoming increasingly popular because they are very secure and convenient. When one wants to relax, the house automatically plays your favorite song and when it comes to watching a movie, the lights automatically dims. Converting ones home to this kind of a fortune is likely to cause you a fortune but the benefits of doing this are worthwhile. Definition of a Smart home A smart home defined simply has all the devices and appliances connected in order to communicate with the home owner and themselves. Electricity is utilized in order to connect the home network with security control. May it be by computer, remote control or by voice, the home network responds once you command it. the automation acts like an assistant who is always on shift. Most of the connected system in the house include thermostart regulation, home theater, lighting system, home security as well as entertainment. The Evolution of the Automated Home Network In the olden days, only the rich and wealthy in the society could afford having their homes automated. However, with the developments in electronics and technology, more and more homeowners are now able to afford converting their homes into automated ones. Home automation is however relatively expensive but it is not as expensive as it was when it was first introduced in the market.
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X10 was the first home network technology that was developed in 1975 by a certain company in Scotland. What X10 did was to allow compatible appliances and devices around the home to communicate with each other around the home. All of the devices and appliances act as receivers and keypads or remote controls act as transmitters. For instance, turning a lamp off in another room by using the remote control will enable to control to send out a numerical code message carrying out the command. It is undeniable that X10 was a revolutionary technology but it had some limitations. One of the limitations was that it had unreliable communication on the electric lines. This meant that sometimes the device being commanded was unable to receive the command at all. The newer home technologies emerged in order to overcome the limitation of this technology. The new technologies make use of radio waves just like mobile phones use instead of using power lines. They are mesh networks called zig bee and Z-wave. the mesh network however provides a new way for a message to reach a particular destination Most smart homes include the following devices?Examples of devices found in a smart home.
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Cameras that monitor the exterior of the house, regardless of whether it is dark or not. There exists motion detectors that place an alert when there is a peculiar kind of motion within the house