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Different Types of Dental Procedures.

Dentistry is a section of medicine that deals with the study of the oral region. It is involved in the treatment, prevention, and diagnosis of illness in the mouth area. Dentists primarily deal with the teeth. Dentists have extensive knowledge on the teeth Dentistry is vital to the health of the mouth. There are various dental treatments. The dental procedures are dependent to the problem with the oral cavity. Dentistry involves the treatment of all problems related to the oral cavity. Dental the disease is the number one problem in the globe according to WHO Dental problems affect people the disadvantaged people in society.

Most dental procedures are aimed to prevent dental diseases. Periodantal disease and dental caries are the most common dental problems The most common dental procedures are teeth restoration and surgical removal of teeth. Root Canal, root planning, and scaling are other types of dental procedures.

The following list is made up of dental treatment procedures. Teeth which have been broken or decayed are repaired using the process of bonding Brace is used to align teeth which are not aligned in the mouth. They are metallic structures that put pressure on the teeth and straighten them. Bridges and implants are a type of treatment that is used to replace teeth. Braces are fake teeth attached to the neighbouring teeth. Implants are false teeth which are rooted to the gum.
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Crown and caps are used to restore fractured and decayed teeth. Caps are also called dental crowns. They are placed over a whole tooth anchored to the gum. Dentures are the treatment that is used to replace lost teeth. The denture is also called fake teeth. Dentures replace full or part of the tooth.
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Teeth which cannot be repaired are removed surgically. Orthodintic treatment is done to gums was tooth extraction has occurred. Repairing and filling is another common treatment for damaged teeth. Filling is restoring teeth by filling the spaces cause by the damage on the tooth. Treatment of the gum disease is often gum surgery. Gum the disease is the infection of the gum and jaw bone that causes teeth loss. Gum disease has two stages. The first is gingivitis which does not cause much damage and is reversible. Gum surgery is used to handle the final stage which is the periodontitis stage.

Another dental treatment is root canal. A root canal involves opening up a tooth and cleaning it in the event of being injured, cracked or decayed. The open spaces are sanitized and filled. Mouth cancer testing is another dental procedure.

Dentists use sealants to protects the tooth from damage. Dental sealants are laid on the top surface of the tooth. The the cover prevents decaying bacteria from growing. Dental sealants are commonly used on the back teeth. Ventures, on the other hand, are used to repair chipped, decayed and stained teeth. Veneers are used to filling in spaces between teeth.