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Let Your Kids Learn How to Bike with Balance Bikes

The days of difficulty in learning how to bike is over. With the advent of balance bikes, your kids will learn how to bike at a young age. Balance bikes help your kids learn how to bike, and fundamentally, it has the same purpose as a training bike. But whereas training bikes have an extra 2 wheels in the back, balance bikes only have two wheels like normal bikes have, but without the inclusion of pedals, gears, and a chain. The aim of balance bikes is to help children learn balance as well as steering. If you’ve never heard of a balance bike, you have probably heard of a run bike, because they are essentially the same.

Wood or metal are the main materials used to make balance bikes, and they are designed to help kids as young as 18 months old to learn how to bike. A balance bike can either be purposely built as a balance bike, or it can be a normal bike with some of its parts removed. Purpose built balance bikes are created for very small children and toddlers, because there is a lack of normal bikes in the market that is available for their age group. Balance bikes should also allow your child to reach the both feet flat on the ground, all the while sitting in your bike’s chair, or else it can’t be called a balance bike. A balance bike should allow your child to walk around comfortably while on the bike, and eventually make him/her comfortable enough to scoot and run around on the bike.

In addition, balance bikes actually offer a lot of advantages and benefits for your child. Learning how to balance at a young age is one of these benefits. Learning how to balance is probably one of the more difficult things of learning how to bike in the first place. It should also be said that through this, your child also learns coordination. For your kids, learning how to balance and steer while at the same time also learning how to pedal can be actually frustrating for your kids, and balance bikes can avoid this. By the time your kid learns how to pedal, he or she has already got the balance part nailed down.

Kids have complete control of their actions whenever they are on a balance bike, and this provides them the invaluable trait of being safe on their own. Balance bikes also offer the advantage of letting your kids develop their self-confidence, interest in the sports as well as their health and also allow you to spend quality family time together.

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